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Phonak ITE hearing aids

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Phonak products are the pinnacle of quality


**I had a bad experience when I was in the navy , and my hearing was severly impaired.The audioligist at the vetrans administration examined me and fitted me with Phonak hearing aids in both ears.I can hear better now than I could before I had my accident that impaired my hearing.I highly reccomend Phonax products.**



They are the greatest sounding hearing aids I'v ever owed.


I have needed hearing aids all my life. I have had some really bad ones.Since I bought my Phonak Claros my world of sound has been improved 1000 percent. These are digital and amazing, they automatically lower sound in loud places. I never knew what I was missing in the world of sound. I would recommened them to any one who needs hearing aids.Get them and see what you have been missing!

Gaston, OR


The in-the-ear Phonak beats all others, hands down.


Having been a Phonak Hearing aids wearer for several years, I can rest your minds if you are considering purchasing hearing aids.  The Phonak fits into the ear, out of sight, and has the strongest pickup of all the other aids I have tried.  The batteries are long-lasting.  If you have trouble hearing the TV or someone in a conversation or don't hear in large setting, you won't believe the difference.   Hear what you are missing today.  Try the Phonak hearing aid.

Elk River, MN


What does normal sound like?


These are digital ITE (In The Ear) hearing aids. The sound changes automatically depending on what situation you located in, i.e.. home, work, restaurant, movies, club, concert, etc... I personally find it annoying because one will change sound and then the other will catch up or sometimes, the other one never does "catch up". I didn't realize that I'd be able to hear the sound go lower or higher. I like to be able to control the settings myself. There is no on/off switch; you must take out the batteries. And the battery life is 1 week. I've had hearing aids where the battery life has been up to a month or more. This is my 5th pair of hearing aids, and I've never been so disappointed before. When you put the battery in and put the hearing aid in your ear, you hear the screeching of the hearing aid unless you press the button to the mute option. That I find very annoying. If there was an on/off option, that wouldn't happen. Also, once you turn it back on from the mute option, you hear 4 beeps. Is that really necessary?

Santa Monica, CA


Phonak ITE hearing aids

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