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Phonak Savia Art BTE 211 dSZ Hearing Aid

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The Phonak Savia works wonders, I can hear!


In 2005 I realized I was going deaf.  I couldn't hear certain rings and tones, such as my phone ringing.  I just gave birth to a bouncy baby boy and knew I needed to be able to hear him.  So I went and got the dreadful news of my hearing loss.  The scariest part for me was the words "hearing aids".  I was a young Mother, there's no way I needed hearing aids!  Couldn't we fix it with surgery or something?  Unfortunately the type of loss I had is not fixable.  But, the hearing aids would make the world of difference. When the Dr sat me down and discussed my hearing aid options, I was once again upset that I was going to need the kind that went around to the back of the ear.  Not those tiny in the ear kind.  We started looking at all the brands and the Phonak brand was recommended.  We then went into the models, and I opted for the Savia kind.  You could get a skin tone color that would blend in well with the ear, so I knew I wanted that. From the first day I wore them the difference in sounds were amazing to me.  I could hear things again!  I couldn't believe I had lost that.  I'm super happy with my choice of hearing aids, as they do not require much maintenance, the batteries last longer than other brands, plus the aids themselves have lasted me already 5 years! When these wear down, I'm certain I'll go with this kind again.  I've never been happier!!!

Spencer, IN


best value so far.


I am hearing impaired and have been for all my life.  Hearing aids have offered little help in past but I was forced to endure.  Recently I needed a hearing aid replacement due my old unit failing.  My loss is substancial as I've no hearing in my left ear and tone deafness in right.  I required an aid which transmitted sound from the left side to the right and amplified to 85 decible without saturation.  (Saturation-reproduced noise so loud that is is non-understandable).  I was fitted with a Phonak that is digital and transmits from left to right.  This unit also has two additional settings but one I really am impressed with.  I work in a noisy machine shop and on one of Phonak settings I can eliminate almost all non-speach background noise and comfortably carry on conversations..ie, I actually hear better that normal hearing individuals in a machine shop!  A hearing Aid is not the total answer but I will state with experience that the Phonak aid is the closest one can come. 

Fairview, PA


Best I have ever owned


I these hearing aids are without a doubt the best I have ever worn. I have worn hearing for twenty years. The  Phonak Savia Hearing Aids have all the bells and whistle. They easy to use and very comfortable to wear. The sounds are natural.

Conway, SC


My deaf son loves his.. so does my father


My son has been deaf since birth and the digital aids are the only ones he can hear anything with.  and so now he will actually wear them.My father just got his new pair and he was able to turn down the tv and hear things he has not been able to hear in years.. These are well worth the price... but are really pricey

Waco, TX


Phonak Savia Art BTE 211 dSZ Hearing Aid

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