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Oticon Tego Pro Hearing Aids

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oticon aids are worth the money


Helped my father get one of these Oticon hearing aids.  He has needed one for MANY years.  It took him a while to get used to it, but the family and grandchildren are very happy when he wears it.  We still use closed caption on the television when we watch movies with him (we have actually started liking to have that on) but at least the television does not have to be so loud.

Lakeland, FL


great power in a small package


The Oticon TegaPro delivered everything I was looking for in a digital hearing aid.  It is small, but not so small that you could lose it easily.  It has enough power for people with moderate to severe range losses.  It is computerized to fit your specific loss.  It has several programs that you can toggle between for different listening environments.  It also has a build in telecoil for phone use.  They have a great range of colors, and I picked purple, because it can't be seen at all underneath my hair. (I don't have purple hair!) No one knows I am wearing hearing aids because the earpiece is universal. You don't have to have those expensive earmolds made. The earpiece fits in the canal and can be changed easily when they get worn out. I have had many different brands of hearing aids over the years, and this has been the best one yet. They are more expensive than the analog aids,but the sound quality is far superior.  I would suggest going to a licensed audiologist that can guide you in selecting the right aid for your loss. I would definitely go with Oticon-a great company.

Ypsilanti, MI


Oticon Tego Pro Hearing Aids

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