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Philips - Player

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Cheap price = cheap DVD player.


Looking for an inexpensive DVD player, the Philips 622 DVD player seemed to be a great fit for what I had set out to find. Unfortunately, over the course of time that I have used this DVD player, I have been quite disappointed on many occasions with its less-than-stellar quality as well as some pretty significant limitations. First, on a positive note, the Philips 622 DVD player is very small and lightweight. It fits easily into most any stereo cabinet or will not take up much space on a media shelf. That being said, I cannot say much else positive about this model. While some DVDs authored on my computer will pay fine in this DVD player, more often than not, our home videos will not play and are rejected as "BAD DISC." Even studio produced DVDs play quite poorly more often than not. If the disc is perfectly clean, there are usually no issues, but the most minor scuff or smudge on the disc surface causes the DVD player to jump, stall, or not play at all.


Urbana, IL


Philips - Player

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