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Ojolie has new buggy system for sending cards


For three years we happily sent our greeting cards with Ojolie. This Thanksgiving we sent out several cards to close friends. We loved being able to create long messages specially written for each friend. As we checked to see if the cards had been sent - We found that they no longer had the original messages we labored over, but had instead, had inappropriate dummy messages that the company had used a place holders - To show where to write! We had to send each recipient an apology and our original message, as nearly as we could remember. Calls to the company were useless - we did get emails, but they were no real help. We love their designs, but. for the time being, I think we'll stay away from O'jolie -- I have no desire to waste an entire day apologizing for their mistakes.


Easthampton, Massachusetts


Best e-card site, EVER.


I came across ojoile after being dissatisfied with "bluemoutian" e-cards. I came here looking to send Christmas cards and birthday cards to my parents who live on the west coast, while I reside on the east coast. I'm not one for planning and I'm ALWAYS, and yes I mean ALWAYS last minute. I'm a 24 year old male, and let's face it, I don't like shopping or picking out cards. But ojolie is so much different then shopping in a cvs or walgreen and looking through cards. This is actually fun! My moms birthday is December 27th and I always send them christmas cards and birthday cards to them all at once. Ojolie made it easy for me to kill my yearly two birds with one stone. And better it, it was SO much cheaper and WAY less time consuming. I'll be using the birthday cards for my 17 year old son. He's going to check his e-mail and have a e-card from ojolie for the rest of his life! This site truely is, awesome. Thanks ojolie! atticuss1877


Wilbraham, MA


Sub for paper cards!


There are a TON of crappy ecard sites out there. Whew. For this reason, we tend to send only paper cards. That all changed this year when we found Ojolie. We found their beautiful cards to be a PERFECT substitute for our traditional cards. We wanted to take a more green approach this year and we are very glad we found Ojolie. Two thumbs up!


Oldsmar, FL


Ojolie.com has changed the way I feel about eCards.


  Let's be honest. We've all received a few eCards that we've deleted without opening. Maybe we send a thank you and pretend we read the card, whatever. Regardless, It has been a long, LONG time since I was impressed by an eCard and actually took the time to read one. My wife, however, reads all eCards (even the very dull). She recently received a St. Patrick's Day card from her mother and showed it to me. Expecting to view the usual cheese ball disaster, I agreed. Now, I don't know what happened next, but moments later, I'm pretty sure I sent the same card to all my friends and family. I don't recall sending an eCard for over 12 years now. I didn't want to be 'that guy.' Now I don't have to; Ojolie.com has created the perfect combination of art, beauty, animation, and most of all, sincerity. One of the top reasons I was disgusted with eCards was the lack of thoughtfulness. This was the fault of the company, not the sender, though I never realized that until Ojolie. All other eCards, to me, were like receiving a blank card in the mail. Gives you that 'Gee; Thanks' feeling. I honestly believe that Ojolie is truly the premier online eCard website. I hate to sound like I'm boasting for them, but it's truly wonderful to be able to have discovered them. I love snail mail, but often times, I don't have the time to send something out. The fear of sending a disastrous eCard has always stopped me from doing that as well. So in many instances, I've neglected to send thanks or well-wishes all together. I just want to thank Ojolie.com for giving me that opportunity back. Now I can send all the greetings and well wishes I want without having to feel that they are insincere. As I said before, Ojolie.com is TRULY, the premier eCard site on the web. I want to thank them and my wife's mother for sending me one and helping me find them.


Victorville, CA


Ojolie has Most Beautiful eCards. They move you.


My friends have been sending me beautiful ecards from JacquieLawson.com. I wanted to send them ecards too, but I didn't want to send them the same cards. So I searched the internet for other ecard sites with elegant ecards. There are A LOT of ecard sites. Most are free and the quality is less than desirable. Luckily, there are a few that are acceptable. I like Ojolie the best. Ojolie's ecards are moving stories, beautifully drawn by hand and skillfully combined with animation and tasteful music.  They are a piece of art! I sent a few free cards from its free card section to my friends first. I got great feedback and I got no spam from the site. So I signed up and have been sending their cards for a while now.


Atlanta, GA



4.4 5