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Nivea Oil Control Face Wash 5oz For Men

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Nivea For Men Oil Control Face Wash does the job on my skin!


I usually have a clear complexion with some dry skin issues, but most of the time my facial skin is normal and relatively low-maintenance.  All I normally have to do is wash it a few times a day, including once when I'm taking my shower and once while shaving. Every so often\, though, my 40-something year-old face will start regressing to adolesecence and start getting oily and pimply.  While this is not a disaster of Biblical proportions it's not pleasant, especially if the problem escalates from being merely oily skin to an acne breakout, particularly on the tip of my nose or my forehead.  The oily skin feels weird and yucky, and the pimples look ugly and are often painful, too. Before I switched to Nivea® For Men Skin Care products several years ago, I relied on Clearasil soap and its StayClear deep clean astringent partner. I used Clearasil products throughout my teens and into my twenties, and for the most part they did a fantastic job of eliminating zits and keeping my skin from getting excessively oily. The one drawback, though, was that my skin would then become too dry, and unsightly patches of white would appear on my chin, cheeks, and around my eyebrows. Worse still, the symptoms would often combine, making my face look like a horror movie monster's. So even though I still keep a bottle of Clearasil StayClear deep clean astringent in our medicine cabinet to use as a weapon of last resort in case pimples and oily skin make an unexpected return, I now prefer to wash my face with Nivea® For Men Oil Control Face Wash. Although the Oil Control Face Wash visually resembles its Nivea® For Men Double Action Face Wash stablemate, there are, of course, vast differences in both form and function. Yes, the squeeze tubes are identical and they both moisturize and clean the skin, but the different ingredients not only perform a subtly different task (i.e., to tackle oily skin), but also give Nivea® For Men Oil Control Face wash a slightly different texture -- it's a bit thinner -- and fragrance (it leaves a more citrus-like scent). All right, but does it really work? As a matter of fact, all of my Nivea® For Men Skin Care products have resolved all of my skin problems; I haven't had a pimple make its unwelcome presence known since February of last year, and the only times I get those ugly patches of dead and dry skin are when I get distracted and *forget* to regularly use my various Nivea® For Men products. (Not that I don't wash up or shower; I am not *that* distracted or slovenly, but regular soap just can't stop my skin problems from recurring!) **Product Description** *Deep Cleansing for Oily Skin Nivea® For Men Oil Control Face Wash is specially formulated for men to combat oily skin. Its deep cleansing action removes dirt and excess oils that can lead to clogged pores without drying out the skin. Marine Plant Extract & Vitamin Enriched The foaming gel, with added marine plant extracts and vitamins, helps to control the oil balance of the skin leaving it feeling thoroughly cleansed and refreshed. Foaming gel rinses without residue 100% Soap free Dermatologically tested Nivea® For Men: advanced men's face care - improves the condition of your skin. nivea.com **Safety Information** Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. Keep out of eyes. Stop use if irritation develops.*

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Nivea Oil Control Face Wash 5oz For Men

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