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Gillette Fusion Proseries Thermal Face Scrub

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Although this product is marketed towards shaving the face, it works great on the legs. My daughter suffers from Eczema, when she shaves her legs break out really bad. Recently I had her try this on her legs in place of shaving cream, she had little to no breakout. Another great review for this product is from my son in the U.S. Marine Corp. He has to be clean shaven every day, and has to shave daily due to rapid facial hair growth. He tried this product and did not have to shave for 2 days.

Lakeland, FL




When you thought you had the best Gillette came out with something even better. The Gillette Fusion Proseries face wash is just the best for a man's face. The small bottle is upside down so that the content is always ready to be squeezed out. The hole is fairly small so that you do not use too much at a time. I use it before I shave because it makes the shave even easier. The cap closes with a small click to make sure it does not dispense itself while you are not there. The fragrance is pleasant and refreshes the skin before a smooth shave. The cap also serves as a stand and it is big enough to have a firm place to stay in the bathroom. I have had experience with products that have a stand that is too small and it tips over and creates a chain reaction and makes everything fall down. When applied to the face it cools down the skin and cleans deep and effectively. After the cleaning it has to be rinsed off which is also very easy. I will recommend this to all my friends because I want them to have the best of the best.

Peachtree City, GA


What a Surprise


I shave my head with a Headblade and Headslick cream, and I've always had at least a tiny bit of a problem getting a REALLY smooth shave. I recently got in on a deal for a bunch of Gillette razors, and one package of them came with a sample of this Thermal Face Scrub. It's basically an exfoliant, and it works like a miracle. I applied this somewhat liberally to my head, rubbed it in thoroughly, and then let it sit for about 5 minutes. I then used warm water to rinse the scrub off, and proceeded to shave my head like usual, with Headslick and a Headblade. The difference was PHENOMINAL. The headblade glided right through, effortlessly doing its job. I don't know if there's a cheaper version of this stuff out there, but if it's the only product of its kind, I'd HIGHLY suggest you use it. Making a difference in my head-shaving is WAY more impressive than making my face-shaving better. The reason is, my head is much more sensitive than my face. I also had no nicks or cuts when using this on my head, as opposed to when I don't use it, and i have plenty of battle wounds to show for it. If you haven't tried this stuff, at least grab a sample. It's amazing what it can do for your shave. Did I mention, I probably shaved about 15 minutes off of my head shave time? I love this stuff!

San Antonio, TX


Gillette Fusion Proseries Thermal Face Scrub

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