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Motrin PM

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Motrin PM works


Motrin PM is one of the best night time pain reliever I have ever used. Since I had scoliosis surgery, it has become almost impossible to sleep a full night because I am constantly being woken up by pain or I can't fall asleep well. I tried a few other brands and though they put me to sleep, they weren't keeping me asleep. Then the others I've tried kept me asleep, but I woke up the next morning feeling terrible. It was almost like I didn't sleep at all because I was so groggy the next day. I decided to try Motrin PM because I have another family member that uses it and told me how great they helped with pain and helped them fall asleep. I bought a bottle and tried them a few days later. They were absolutely fantastic. Within a half an hour they worked. My pain was easing and I was comfortable and it helped me fall fast asleep and stay asleep. I woke up the next morning feeling refreshed. I couldn't be happier with the results and this is currently what I use. I would definitely recommend for anyone that has pain that keeps them up at night. Excellent product.




Best night time pain reliever


Motrin PM simply amazes me. There are moments when I am in so much pain, and I take a Motrin. A few minutes later I have no pain at all. I like Motrin PM at night because it helps me fall asleep and stay asleep. I definitely think this is the best pain reliever out there, and I wouldn't even consider trying other brands. Effectiveness This is so effective it is almost crazy. When I take it the worst pain just goes away so simply. If I take one before bed it lasts all night until I wake up. Ease of Use Just take one with a glass of water. It's as simple as that. Immediacy Takes about a half hour to kick in. If I have a horrible stomach pain I won't feel a thing within forty-five minutes.




Motrin PM gets the job done; great for a good night's sleep!


I usually don't have a problem falling to sleep, in fact I've been know (in the past) to fall asleep where ever I sit at a moments notice! Times have changed and being a busy mom and a busy business woman I've noticed on occasion that my brain has a hard time unwinding and unplanning or thinking. Also, I've recently found myself waking up too early in the morning with my "to do" list on my mind. I purchase **Motrin PM **on a whim because they were on sale and I had a super coupon - which made these basically free after a rebate check. It took me awhile to crack open my bottle of **Motrin PM**, because honestly I am not a pill taker, I never have been and just always hate the thought of taking a medication to knock myself out. But recently I have been having lower back pain and trouble sleeping. So the light bulb went off and I remembered that I had these stashed for future emergencies! Effectiveness What **Motrin PM **did do for me was keep me asleep. I had the best night sleep, better than I had had in many months. Plus it took my lower back pain away - that's an awesome bonus. **Motrin PM **is not recommended for continuous use, but it is a great back up plan for a great night's sleep! Ease of Use These pills are regular size and are easy to swallow. Immediacy What I noticed after taking just one pill is about a 1/2 hour later I just felt a little sleepier, but not groggy or drunk.


Livonia, MI


Adequate Pain Killer Drowsey After Effects


I've used Motrin for years intermittently and found it to be an adequate anti-inflammatory for my arthritis. As I've gotten older I found my arthritis can be intolerable by the end of the day so I decided to try the PM version. Good results making my arthritis feel better, but I found it made me wake up very groggy and made me feel like I was in a fog for a good hour after awakening. Tried it three times with the same result. Fine if you have no place to go but if you want to head out the door right away, I would be careful to give yourself plenty of time for this to wear off. Personally, I think I would rather take a little melatonin on the side where you can better control the amount of sleep aid. If you don't mind the after effects, I can say it positively does work rather quickly to help put you to sleep. If you have a tendency to get foggy with night-time medications, you might want to skip this one if you need to drive to work early the next morning! Effectiveness Fairly quick in making you sleepy. Immediacy About 20 minutes before effects - pretty good.


Derry, NH


Let me relax as the pain recedes


I purchased a small 20 count coated caplet, which is oblong. If you can't swallow, this type of pill, consider getting a pill cutter at the pharmacy. This pain reliever product contains the active ingredients of Ibuprofen and Diphenhydramine citate. It is described on the label as being a "pain reliever" and a "nighttime sleep-aid". First, read the warnings, especially for people with allergies to aspirin, and people with other underlying health conditions. Look for interactions with your other medications and problems with long term consistent use beyond 10 days. Let me start with this information: I am a chronic insomniac, so just to be relaxed enough with a headache is acceptable. I bought the Motrin PM instead of regular Motrin IB, to try it for the first time, hoping it had the added incentive to take it. Tylenol was still in the long recall, and store brands were not the same. I, also,was influenced by several favorable recommendations of the brand. I managed to fall asleep without waking up to a problem or reaction. I only took one pill. My friend's kids could not take Tylenol, so they could take the regular Motrin, and children above 12 years of age can take it. Motrin in this formula can cause drowsiness. So, you have to be aware to not plan to do any activity that needs your attention, like driving. You have a very limited dosage amount, where a pain reliever without a sleep aid, will have more use. I will continue to purchase this product, because, as of yet, I have not found a problem for me. But, you can keep updated by checking their website, or speak to your doctor if you need to figure out whether this product is suitable for you. Paper coupons are available, and there are sales for different sizes of this product. For ways to save money, check out my discussion post on: [www.viewpoints.com/discussion_boards/Community/topics/Stores-or-groups-that-offer-loyalty-rewards-or-special-benefits/posts][1] **UPDATE:  August 1, 2011** **I am adding on to this review because Tylenol is again in recall.  Because I had not been feeling well, was tense, and had an achy feeling in my upper legs, I could not sleep more than one or two hours.  Because, I have a limited opportunity to get sleep, I really needed to consider taking one of my over the counter medications for pain.  I opted for this one, because it does not contain caffeine, and might assist my sleep.  I did end up sleeping and though all my other symptoms are not yet gone, my aches from my legs are.  Remember, this type of medicine is not for extended use, unless directed by a doctor.  Even Tylenol has announced, they have lowered the total dosage for daily use. ** I saw that the use of motrin in general was of interest to people, and I did not discuss other areas of use.  This will be covered in my other review for which I will now post a link.   You can copy and paste into your browser, or find it through my profile page. http://www.viewpoints.com/Motrin-IB-review-d69915 [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/discussion_boards/Community/topics/Stores-or-groups-that-offer-loyalty-rewards-or-special-benefits/posts


New York, NY


Motrin PM PMS saver! LOL


So.. sad to say I have horrible PMS every month. And my cramps are sometimes unbareable. I also suffer from endometriosis which magnifies everything for me. Usually when this time of month comes around for me I am on the couch with heating pads and pain killers. And sleeping at night just doesn't work because I wake up constantly to take more pain killers, go to the bathroom, or turn my auto-shut off heat pad on etc..needless to say I really just need to go have a hysterectomy, but I had to say that when I tried Motrim PM it saved me! It killed my cramps all night long and I slept like a baby all through the night! I don't even dread getting my period anymore because I know Motrim PM will take care of it. Unfortunaletly it's not good to take this stuff all the time. My husband developed bleeding problems from taking Motrin everyday for his back pain, so I do try to limit my consumption to must-have days. And lets face it, we are just covering up the symptoms, we really just need to cure the cause right, but at least this helps get through until then.


Lyle, MN


Helps me Fall Asleep and Wake Up Pain Free


**Motrin PM is by far the best night time pain reliver on the market today. I am a chronic suffer of migraines that I often need prescription strength medicine. However I find it I catch the migraine early, take two **Motrin PM tablets and go to bed, it makes my migraine disappear and as a bonus I get a good nights rest. The sleep aide is non addicting in **Motrin PM. I use it occasionally and never have issues falling asleep on nights that I do not use **Motrin PM. I would highly recommend **Motrin PM for pain sufferers as the over the counter medicine of choice before bed. **Motrin PM is also reasonally priced and you can normally find coupons in the Sunday paper to use on your purchase. You will never find me without **Motrin PM!**************


Strongsville, OH


Motrin PM is just what I needed


Motrin PM is my favorite pain-relieving sleep aid medication. I primarily use it for days of the month when I suffer from menstrual cramps. I find that one tablet works perfectly for me. It allows me to fall asleep quickly and sleep soundly, but when it's time to wake I can do so easily and without grogginess. I typically take one around 9 pm and then go to bed around 10:30. I love that it doesn't knock me out and make me unable to do what I need to do prior to sleeping, but then it kicks in quickly once I get into bed. I wake around 6:30 am and do not feel sleepy. I've never had any stomach trouble from taking it. I could take this every night if there weren't dangers of complications for using long-term. It's nice to know that it's easily available and inexpensive for those nights when I need help sleeping and relief from cramps or headaches. I can also find coupons pretty regularly to help with the cost. I think it's a great product!


Carrollton, TX


Definitely helps you sleep


First started taking it for muscle aches when I had pneumonia (after running out of Vicodin). Helped so much with sleep that I take it whether my muscles are in pain or not, just for the sleep benefit! (I'll be back in a few years when my liver has something to say about it).


Ann Arbor, MI


Knocks me out


I purchased Motrin PM the first time because it ended up being free after coupons and rewards. I had previously been using acetamenophen based sleep aid which worked well, but I had run out and wasn't going to pay full price for the same product. So, I tried the Motrin PM. It worked just as well as the other brand that I had been using. It helped me to fall asleep more quickly and to sleep much more soundly. However, I do struggle to wake up after taking the full dose of a sleep aid, so I usually just take one pill, which makes it a little easier to wake up in the morning. One thing to be careful with this product: if you have a sensitive stomach it may be better to stick with another product. I have gastric ulcers which are chronic and tend to return if I take ibuprofen products regularly (in addition to other causes). However, I really only take a sleep aid when I'm ill and having difficulty sleeping and this certainly fits that need.


Allentown, PA


Motrin PM

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