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Microsoft Natural Keyboard

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Great ergonomic keyboard but gets dirty over time


This was my first ergonomic keyboard and it's fantastic. It has most of the functionality I love from the newer Comfort Curve 2000 and Natural Ergonomic 4000 that I now use primarily. It still works great, as I have always had great experiences with Microsoft keyboard products, and this is many years old now. The design of the keyboard is perfect for helping protecting your wrists long-term so that you do not develop any wrist problems, as best as can be expected from a device used daily for many hours in our jobs and personally. It might take awhile to get accustomed to an ergonomic keyboard at first, but the benefits are too great to pass up on, and soon you will have difficulty going back to the non-ergonomic designs. The only problem with this keyboard however is the effect of use and time on its finish. It is an off-white color and this means that the dirt and grime from our hands will slowly accumulate over time and make it look dirty. Cleaning a keyboard is a bit of a pain and the long-term accumulation never seems to fully go away, so it definitely looks used at this point. This is only an aesthetic problem, but with that point, I would recommend going for the Natural Ergonomic 4000 which eliminates this problem and includes more features.


Seattle, WA


THE perfect keyboard!


I wanted to share my experience about this wonderful keyboard with you because I believe it's worth the money.  When I first got it (even though I'm a professional typist by trade), it took awhile for my fingers to orient themselves to slightly different positions of the letters.  After a few times, though, it felt natural to me to use this instead of the traditional straight keyboard.  I have never had any carpal tunnel or tendinitis or any other wrist/hand problems with this.  It causes absolutely NO discomfort and I believe since it has a built in wrist rest it helps eliminate problems such as these which can occur when using the more traditional keyboards. It has held up well and is very durable and I've never had any of the keys stick or break off.  Well worth the money.


Spartanburg, SC


Aggressive Styling Limits its Appeal


It's a nice keyboard, really. It's solidly built, with nice big keys. The curved nature of the keyboard, differing from the standard rectangle IBM keyboards may be pretty radical for some. For me, my accuracy dropped a bit when I first started using this keyboard. The split down the middle of the keyboard confused my finger - I would often strain my left or right hand trying to pluck a key that was seperated by a 1 inch gap ... But as I got used to it, I grew to like the keyboard. After long days at the computer doing homework, I no longer felt the kind of strain I did from using rectangular keyboards. My wrists came away more relaxed. I found out, according to the Microsoft site, that the keyboard keeps your writs in a more natural position, more angled than a tradition keyboard. So, in conclusion, this keyboard is great, but for some, they won't appreiciate the aggressive curve. If your looking for a more egronomic keyboard than a rectangular one, you can opt for a "comfort curve" keyboard by Microsoft, which aren't that aggressively styled. the keyboard is curved, but there is no gap at all - it's just the shape of the keys that help create the curve.


Jacksonville, FL


WONDERFUL for my tendinitis.


I developed tendinitis in both of my arms.  The pain traveled from my wrists up past my elbows, and I finally started going to therapy for the pain.  The trouble came not only from typing but also from other handwork such as cross stitch and signing for the deaf.  However, typing greatly added to my difficulties.  I work from home using the computer, so I needed to be able to type.  My friend and boss found this keyboard for me since I could not really click around to do a lot of searching online.  It has been a real life saver.  It has worked wonderfully for several years, but whenever it decides to finally die, I will most certainly purchase another one. It was a little bit different to get used to at first, and others who use my computer have trouble adjusting at first.  However, it does not take too long to get used to it, and I now hate typing on anything else.  I LOVE IT and will never go back to a regular keyboard again!


Hartsville, SC


Microsoft Natural Keyboard

4.5 4