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Match is a ripoff


I am okay with Match, or any other dating app charging a fee to access advanced features to improve the user experience. What I object to is that the basic paid subscription does not offer any useful features versus an unpaid subscription. Besides selecting gender, age range and search radius, you get nothing else. This renders the app pretty useless since one wastes their time sorting through profiles that are of no interest to the user. instead, Match wants you to sign up for the premier subscription to get access to helpful search criteria like use interests, education, preferences as far as smoking, drinking, etc. Just a money grab. Better off to use the unpaid subscription or better yet, choose a different dating app.


Lincoln University PA


Outrage match is a scam


This is the worst website ever, they have no way to message anyone first hand you can like a persons page and that's it, don't use this site.


Orange ca




I was a Match.com member and I completed my guarantee period which entitled me to a free six month extension of my membership. Match.com charged my card anyway. I disputed the charge with my bank and Match.com took action! They closed my account, blocked me and banned me forever. They refunded the charge, but I lost my free six month service extension. All I wanted to do was prevent Match.com from illegally stealing my money. The facts speak for themselves. There aren't enough adjectives to describe how incompetent and deceitful they are!




I wish I would have read the reviews before I subscribed!


Match is a joke, spend your money somewhere else. They are very misleading and endlessly finding additional ways to add charges to your account. You sign up and find matches. GREAT! Then you pay for emails so you can contact them. then you pay to add info to your profile. As near I can tell there is not way to turn off automatic renewal. You can't sigh up for any other features for less than three months. I only want to try them. There is no indication that they are of value. It is nearly impossible to contact them questions and the FAQ does not answer questions.




Unable to get a customer support response!


After filling out the time consuming questionnaire, I could only get error messages from the site. I contacted customer support but apparently no one read the statement about the error message. After attempting to get a response from 12 inquiries, I decided to warn the public of the great waste of time signing up for this site.


Reston, VA




Account was hacked someone was using my profile. Match fixed it and gave three days credit. Not enough for the damage done. Match renewed by account after I told them not to. Refused refund. They matched wrong types with me ignored my preferences. Complete waste of time


Dallas TX


Very Dissatisfied


Match is a joke, spend your money somewhere else. They are very misleading and endlessly finding additional ways to add charges to your account. To date, I have received over 200 Matches and 98% of them have not provided a photo with their biography. Let's be honest, everyone wants to know who is expressing interest in them. For all I know, Match is sending forged biographies in order to claim a specific number of people expressed interest in me. In addition, for the few people I would even consider contacting, Match has it set up so I would have to pay an ADDITIONAL FEE to respond to them! Just another reason I would never recommend Match.


Tallahassee, FL


Watch What You Say


This site modifies what you write in your profile. Anything critical of the site, or even stating that you won't review matches or attempt to contact people through the site, or that your letting your subscription expire, or a reference to their disillusioning promises, will be deleted. They provide no explanation for their edits, so you have to guess what some nameless faceless person doesn't like. After they edit your writing they post it for the world to see. If you put it back in, they'll delete everything you wrote and replace it with "PROFILE NOT COMPLETE", so you loose all of your work. This statement is unacceptable to them; "I've resolved not to view any more matches or try to contact people on this site, and to let my subscription expire, along with the disillusioning promises." If you have a brain, stay away from this site. Extremely frustrating.


Belvidere, IL


Too many that didn't match criteria


I have been off Match for over a month now and every since I cancelled the renewal I have been bombarded by.. he liked you, he emailed you, he winked at you... well I'm not there, I should not be even in their system anymore. I hadn't heard from anyone for over a month and in the past a good percent what I did see was nothing I was interested in and was at a 70-75% match. So I think all of it is a gimmick. Some of the likes or emails I had in the past were from 'no profile' listings. So bogus. Pretty much a waste of time and money. The 90+% match were still like, are you serious???


San Diego


Go somewhere else!!


I joined match to find a great guy. I signed up for 1 month with no renewal. During that time I met an amazing guy so i no longer needed match. Expecting my membership not to renew i see on my bank account that they charged me $42. I contacted them and they said they are not able to give me a refund. I am now paying for another month when I'm not even using it. Worst site! Will not refer anyone.


Frisco, TX



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