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Plenty of Fish

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The worst! Never use POF!


I would give it a zero if i could. The search function is hidden. You enter, for example, an age range, and POF ignores it completely! It's a feature they claim! I asked where this was documented! Nowhere! And when i complained a few days after paying they said "Too bad." The worst ever!


Washington DC area


I would not buy or recommend this site to anyone


I give POF 3 stars. 2 for being easy to use and figure out and being user friendly. Thev1 star is for the vampped *itches on there. After messaging a girl (and I kept it clean) by saying hello how are you? They would read it then delete it or leave it unread and delete it. I was even blocked by a girl after I asked hello how are you. Thought I had a date lined up, the girl said how about we meet for coffee on Friday. I said that sounds great, where and when? Never heard from her again. And I saw repeatedly logging on but yet left my messages unread. All those girls up there say they want a relationship, but when you try to talk to them, they act like you're beneath them. We all can't be Brad Pitt or Tom cruise.


Jacksonville NC


Once I paid for membership was unable to go in again...Ever


I have been a un-paid membership for 6 months then I signed up for their 8 month plan and within a week I was unable to sign in again. I have tried several times trying to get help but I only recieved a email explaining How to reset your password but it Never works. There is no-one there to help if anything goes wrong. I still get messages explaining other members have left me messages However I can not sign in . I would Not recommend this site to anyone. Stay away...Beware ! Scam !


Packwaukee, Wisconsin


Gina 1010


I have had no success on pof most or all the want men too talk about is sex and once you get too know them they are liars and internet playboys are just plain liars and pretending too be something or someone they are not or someone they wish they could be


Dallas texas


Went thru all the sign up stuff just to browse no go


The ad said FREE to browse but had to go thru all the sign up stuff and still was unable to browse. I just wanted to see the men in my area , this site is not worth the time,


tinton falls nj




It's just 2 bad, my daughter set up my profile with me and would enjoy viewing the profiles with me some times, that was cool... no more the site turned in 2 a sex site, naked pic's all the time and the scams wow! Well they do nothing to fix this trash so im out...




Rip off


This company automatically renewed my membership after I had cancelled my subscription and refuse to refund the money in full. Don't ever give them any payment information, including paypal as they will continue to charge you even if you cancel.




Don't recommend it at all.


I just want to give the guys my body the rest of me leave. I am going through a rough time he has a one track mind. Another only seen him a couple of times left me cause I didn't put out. The guys are all looking for one thing on this site. This site has no standards at all for these guys anybody can get on.


Denver Colorado

Plenty of Fish is not a company of integrity


i'm one of many who can no longer log on to POF. Can't access it. Can't delete our profiles because we can't access. It has no working customer service. Someone has ruined the site. Stay away from it!


Yuma, AZ


Men on this site play games


I connected with a dude on there and we exchanged numbers..Very nice looking average dude 40ish. But like somebody else review said, these profiles have looking for a serrious relationship but once you talk to the person its all about sex. but we continue to call and talk and i was interested in him. He was continuing to get on the site daily. But he knew i was interested in more than sex. Yesterday 5/23/16 he got on his homeboy profile and hit me up as if he was the dude of the profile hitting me up. Yes i responded but was really trying to be about the dude that done that. So beware of the dudes name who ends in 917 because even though it says he interested in a relationship ,he's only interested in sex..



Plenty of Fish

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