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Mary Kay
Mary Kay MKMen Face Bar

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I was very surprised to learn that Mary Kay has a line of skincare products for men as well as women!  My husband's best friend's wife sell Mary Kay and he raved about and recommended my husband try the "man bar" as he called it.  What he was referring to is the Mary Kay MKMen Face Bar. My husband suffers from rosacea and when he's under a lot of stress or it flares up, his face gets very red and peels like mad.  Even when it's not flaring, he still has some redness and peeling mostly due to irritation from shaving.  His job requires him to shave most days, so not shaving for any length of time is not an option.  Since he started using the Face Bar, his complexion has cleared up almost completely.  It's worked even better than the prescription creams from the dermatologist he's tried!  And it's a fraction of the cost.  It doesn't take any longer to use than the regular soap he used to use, so he has no excuse not to use it.  Since we bought his first bar, washing his face with this has become part of his daily morning routine.  


Oakland Gardens, NY


Mary Kay MKMen Face Bar

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