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Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart 400 Count Sheet Set

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Don't buy


These sheets are a total waste of money. If you are gonna spend the money you might as well buy egyptian cotton sheets or just stick with 250 thread count. Because they feel exactly the same. It's all a big gimmick to get you to empty out your wallets to a woman that was convicted of embezzelment so why should you trust the value of her products? Don't buy anything fom her especially these sheets.

New Bedford, MA


Best darn sheets I ever bought


Years ago I read an article in one of the women's magazines regarding the best sheets to buy both for softness and price.  Martha Stewart sheets were highly recommended over more expensive brands.  I still have the orignal set, and have purchased at least 3 more sets since then.  I have been fooled by other brands that advertise 400 and above thread count, but after one wash, they either crinkle up, or lose their softness.  Martha's sheets in any thread count are the best for the money.

Trafford, PA


Martha Stewart 400 Count Sheet Set

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