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Pure Beech
Pure Beech Jersey Knit Sheet Set

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Will not buy more


First time I put the sheets on noticed the flat and fitted sheet are not the same color. Pillowcases are too small. They are standard size with queen sheets. Very disappointed.



Best sheets in the world!


My husband and I can't sleep without our jersey sheets. At first, I didn't want to change my fancy sheets for these sheets. My husband forced me into purchasing our first set of jersey sheets five years ago. Now I can't go anywhere without them. I even take them in our trips. My husband is a light sleeper any noise wakes him up. These are the only sheets that don't make any noise when I move during the night; they are the most comfortable sheets in the world. They are warm in winter and cool in summer. They are really soft. I wouldn't change them for anything. The only thing that I don't like is that I got tired of having the same color sheets for five years. They need to come up with fancy and sophisticated colors.



feel wonderful


These are bed sheets only found at Bed Bath and Beyond and not so terribly expensive. They are without doubt the softest, nicest sheets I have ever found. You can find them online as well as in the store itself.There are several colors to choose from.I bought king sized that covered my deep mattress perfectly.They wash well, but do wrinkle so remove from dryer promptly.

Kenner, LA


I love my Jersey Knit Sheet Set


When I first brought these home I was not sure what my husband would think. We had always used traditional cotten sheets, and these are usually geared more toward the college set. I also worried that the Jersey material might be too warm for the summer months. Once these were washed and put on the bed all my worries melted away. These are super comfortable, solf, and inviting. They are cool in the summer, nothing like flannel. These are so much cheaper than traditional sheets, and although they may not make the statement that 500 thread count sheets maym these are the most comfy sheets I have ever slept on, and my husband had even commented on how he would like it if I replace our tradition sheets with this type. Sometimes it is hard to find the muted colors I am looking for, but other than that they are perfect. It is also sometimes hard to find extra pillow cases to coordinate with the fabric and colors.

Dover, DE


Pure Beech Jersey Knit Sheet are so soft!


I have had the Pure Beech Jersey Knits Sheets for a couple years now, and I love them. They are so soft and comfortable. I have owned many brands of jersey sheets and these are by far my favorite. They are light enough for summer use, yet keep you warm and cozy during the winter months. I have these sheets in muliple colors as they are affordable enough to buy multiple sets. Having more than one set to rotate between also cuts down on the wear and they have held up well. I have had no problems with tearing or holes, or the fabric thining. However, over time the fabric does ball up a bit which is the only reason that I didn't give these sheets a five star rating. It does reduce the softness a little, but even so, they are still the softest sheets by far. And I love that they are made with natural materials, not synthetics. I've noticed that some 100% cotton sheets are kind of scratchy, but this natural cotton blend makes these sheets so nice.

Portland, OR


sheets will fall apart within months or less


Please read the reviews on the Bed Bath and Beyond website. These sheets were great years ago. Unfortunately over the last two years there has been a constant trend wherein they have been made in a low quality way and many of the people who have purchased these sheets the last couple of years have gotten them home only to have them fall apart on the first wash. If they actually last past a few washings they fall apart on the bed with rippings from thin areas and holes within months. This is unfortunate as they are the most comfortable sheets.

Fort Bragg, NC


Great sheets while they last, very soft and comfy


I purchased these Pure Beech sheets several years ago, and fell in love with them the first night I put them on my bed. I love that they are made of a modal fabric which is a natural fabric that is very light and breathable. They are a jersey blend, so you feel like you are sleeping in an old t-shirt, what could be better. I immediately went back to the store and got two more sets for my queen sized bed, and bought a set for my sister-in-law. The material is very soft, and it keeps you nice and cool in the summer months, but I noticed that the one of the bottom sheets started wearing thin after just the first month. Lucky for me, the retailer was understanding and exchanged them out for a new set, but then another bottom sheet did the same thing. I also noticed after six or so washes, the material started 'balling' up, which is when you start to get little tiny balls of fabric all along the surface. It doesn't really affect the feel of the sheets too much, but it is quite an eyesore, they look old and raggedy. When I spoke to my sister-in-law, she said the same has happened to hers, but we both still have them, and love to sleep on them especially in the warmer months of the year because of their airiness; but I pull the quilt all the way over to cover them up if we have company that might see the bed!

Corpus Christi, TX


Pure Beech Jersey Knit Sheet Set

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