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JCPenney Studio 350 Thread Cound Wrinkle-Free Sheet Set

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Would definitely own these in many colors


After moving and of course changing up my bed room I needed a new bed set! As a fan of jcpennys I came across these beauties!! They are soft and super comfortable. Even with having a 2 year old in my bed all the time they are easy to clean. I would recommend these to everyone!!

Tampa Florida


Not worth it


I have always bought almost the cheapest sheets available because bedding is just so darn expensive! However, I splurged a little on these sheets. 350 thread count, I thought great! maybe my husband won't complain anymore about the sheets being rough. I really could not tell the difference from my walmart cheapos and these. Also, the wrinkle-free is a joke. I can not take the sheets right out of the dryer and they not be extremely wrinkled. In fact, I feel that my other cheap sheets are more wrinkle-free than these! Lastly, my sheets ripped! right in the center of the sheet. For the price you pay, I do not recommend these. I suppose the pros would be the color assortment was nice, but too pricey and not wrinkle-free!

Bridgeport, WV


Great Wrinkle-Free Sheets!


I love these wrinkle free sheets.  I have always been a fan of JC Penny.  When I got a gift card over the summer from my mother to JC Penny I was going to go clothes shopping but instead I found these sheets.  I am always careful with what companies claim to be thread count.  These feel like genuine 350 thread count sheets.  They are soft and smooth. Even after the first wash! I love white sheets so I purchased my sheets in white.  Over the course of their "lives" these sheets have lasted with many washes, dogs and time.  The thing I love most about these sheets is the fact that they still look new.  They handle bleach very well over multiple uses. What I have found about most wrinkle free sheets is that they aren't exactly wrinkle free.  These sheets are the most wrinkle free sheets I have ever had.  Just make sure you don't leave them in the dryer too long after drying.  I would suggest these sheets to anyone who wants a little less hastle with dealing with their bed sheets.

Franklin, TN


studio sheet sets are great for kids and adults, soft


i found studio sheets by mistake while looking for comforters.  the price was so low, i thought these cant be good.  but i picked up a set, tried them, loved them.  i went back to the store and got a set for every bed in the house.  they are soft and wash beautifully!they fit all our beds to a "T".  thank you sears!

Baraboo, WI


It all comes down to how much do you detest wrinkles?


350TC wrinkle free sheet set JCPenney's.  Comfy? Yes! I would definitely buy more  *on sale, *however, I have a set of egyptian cotton 600 count, that I paid less for and are just paradise. So, bottom line- I can live with the wrinkles for the difference in price! But- I would definitely positively get these for my mom because she, being one of the **neat** people loves the concept of perpetually wrinkle-free which also means ironing-free sheets!

Altoona, PA


The sheets feel so wonderful-I love them


I love these sheets.  When I was young, thread count didn't mean anything to me, except I noticed that most sheets my mother, and then later, I bought felt scratchy or rough.  I thought that's the way things were. As I got older and found out about things, I found that a nice higher thread count in sheets and pillowcases made such an amazing difference.  It's almost a sensual experience the way these sheets feel against your body. I've already talked to my friends and daughters about this.  Whether they'll listen is another story, since they're kind of tight with their money.  For me, however, paying a bit extra for the comfort and wonderful feeling I get when I sleep on these sheets is well worth it!        

Cleves, OH


JCPenney Studio 350 Thread Cound Wrinkle-Free Sheet Set

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