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Waverly Deep Pocket Flannel Sheets

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Waverly deep pocket flannel sheets,great


I think that flannel sheets are the best type to sleep on throughout the whole year.  Of course in the winter they are the best with the fact that when you get into bed they are warm already.  Also the flannel is very soft and much more inviting than a crisp linen sheet.  We also like the flannel in the summer as it absorbs our sweat and still feels good.  We do have a large bed, being large people, and these sheets with the large pocket corners fit very well and stays put around the edges.  The sheets do kinda bunch up in the middle and the sides but the softness of them out weighs the folds around the sides.   There are so many colors and prints in this product and I can have a change with every holiday, or season.  They wash up very well and mine have never balled up or have little tears near the seams with the larger mattresses.  Even in the summer when I do a lot of hanging sheets and towels outside in the sun, these sheets have stayed soft and comfortable.


Boise, ID


I love the deep pockets of my Waverly sheets!


I just recently bought my first set of Waverly deep pocket fitting sheets and I have found it so easy to make my bed now.  Before finding the Waverly deep pocketed sheet sets I always had to struggle to put a set of regular sheets on my pillow top mattress. A friend of mine from up north recomended this set of sheets to me.  After my first night of actually sleeping on the flannel sheets I found them to be so very comfortable, and soft.  I felt all snuggly warm.  This was in the winter. When spring time hit I still had the Waverly deep pocket flannel sheets on my bed, it was getting a little bit warm but I found they kept me pretty cool in the summer months.  I found I didn't need a light blanket at all with the Waverly flannel sheets.  I now use my flannel sheets all year round. Washing these sheets is so easy and I have found that no fabric softener was needed for the sheets.  I just wash and dry them, then immediatley put them back on all of my beds.  Nor do they wrinkle either. I am quite content with my new Waverly deep pocketed flannel sheets, in all climates.  I will never purchase another brand of sheets again.  Move over Egyption cotton.


Strasburg, VA


Nothing cozier in the winter than Waverly Flannel Sheets


I love my waverly flannel sheets!!!!  They keep you toasty warm on the coldest morning.  With the flannel sheets, I don't have to worry about adding several heavy comforters.  I am still free to move without "hitting" that piece of the sheet!!!  Once you have tried flannel sheets you will never use anything else in the winter!


Allen, TX


Love the sheets you're in...


I have used various brands of **flannel sheets** for years but last year bought a set made by **Waverly**.  I love them!Our mattress is very thick and has a thick memory foam pillow top sewn on top of that.  Regular sheets will not fit so we have to purchase deep pocket sheets.  Even those often fall short of a good fit.  The Waverly flannel deep pocket sheets fit as though they were custom made for the mattress.  The fabric is rich and luxurious and seem to thicken after washing.  They actually improve with washing making them even warmer.Slipping down into the warmth of the flannel is a welcome feeling on a cold night in Upstate New York.  They keep us toasty warm and we wouldn't survive without them. [at least not as comfortably]  Even my husband comments on how wonderful the sheets are; that says something!  Tessi can't wait to snuggle down under the covers and hates to get out of them in the morning.The sheet designs are exclusive to Waverly prints, are color licensed and come with a fitted bottom sheet, a generous sized top sheet and two pillowcases for the full, queen or king sets.  The twin set comes with only one pillowcase.


Northern, FL


Waverly Deep Pocket Flannel Sheets

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