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Major LiquiTears

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Major Liqui Tears keep eyes moisturized


We  have been using Major Liqui Tears for around 3 years now.  My husband would receive them through his H.M.O.  Before that I had been purchasing Wal-Mart's cheap brand. These come in a half fluid ounce bottle, that has a screw cap, protecting the dropper. This product is for lubricating the eyes. I do get dry eye often, and have had to see a specialist.  After using the RX drops, I was told to use a sterile over the counter one. When I get up in the morning, I just tilt my head, so it is in an almost flat position, and then put the bottle over one of my eyes.  I do a quick squeeze, and hope that just one drops comes out.  It take awhile to get it right, as sometimes it comes running down my face.  I then to the same with the other eye. Then I repeat the same procedure at night, before bed, and after taking my makeup off. This keeps my eyes from getting dry, itchy, and scratchy. It states to use 1 or 2 drops as needed, and it is used for the prevention of further irritation and to relieve dryness of the eye. Liqui Tears has polyvinyl alcohol 1.4%. This works just as good as any other ones I have purchased.  The only downfall is the dropper, which may release more liquid than you need.


New Port Richey, FL


Major LiquiTears

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