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Novartis Zaditor Allergy Eyedrops

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Incredible eye comfort for itchy eyes.


I have had seasonal allergies for most of my life and this product has been the best for relieving itchy eyes. I was recommended this product by my doctor and has lived up to the reputation. My eyes are so miserable right after I wake up but once I put the eye drops in, I feel like a new person. One time i bought a knock-off brand and I could tell a huge difference in the lack of quality in the knock-off brand. I have stuck with Zadiator ever since that moment.




Small but mighty and it works!


This is a wonderful product. I have used many brands of eye drops in the past. This is the first one that actually made all the itching go away. I have allergies to cats, dogs, and ragweed. During the Fall, Zaditor allows me to be outside without clawing my eyes out of my head. If you have itchy eyes, this is definitely one to try. The bottle is small but you only use one drop per eye.


Kansas City, MO


Zaditor relieves itchy eyes!


I hadn't suffered from seasonal allergies in the past but have recently found myself rubbing my eyes until they're red, irritated, and puffy.  Of course, due to my allergic reaction, they initially started out as only slightly less red, irritated, and puffy. A friend's allergist provided a sample of Zaditor, an over the counter antihistamine eye drop.  A single drop calms the itchy sensation.  The eye drops tingle slightly and alleviate the itchy feeling within minutes.  The box indicates that the active ingredient (ketotifen) will provide temporary relief of itchy eyes due to ragweed, pollen, grass, animal hair, and dander. One thing to note:  Zaditor used to be by prescription only and has developed quite a following.  In the transition to an over the counter drug, there are store and alternate name brands that are equally effective.  Why?  Because they contain the exact same active ingredient in the exact same amounts.  Most recently, I've purchased Bausch & Lomb's Alaway for half the price of Zaditor.


Greenbelt, MD


I can be around cats again


I have rather bad allergies. Zaditor eye drops are a huge help to me. They are marketed as a preventative measure that works up to 12 hours. When I remember, I put one drop in each eye in the morning. One drawback of this product is that you then have to wait 10 minutes before putting in contacts. So often I just don't have time in the morning and only make a particular effort if I know I'll be around something that sets me off- like cats. They do seem to help reduce my reaction to allergens. I'm quite allergic to cats; they make my eyes itch and tear within minutes. These drops make it possible for me to wear contacts while staying with friends/family that own cats. I have also found these drops work amazingly well soothing minor irritation and/or stopping a reaction dead in its tracks. As I said, I often don't take the time to use the drops in the morning, but I always put one drop in each eye after removing my contacts for bed. In seconds I can feel a difference. All minor itching and irritation disappears. If I have been around something that really sets me off (like cats) my eyes might burn a few seconds but then the irritation is virtually gone. I love my Zaditor eye drops. Not only are they a good long term preventative measure, they are also provide nearly instant relief. I highly recommend these eye drops to anyone who suffers from allergies. They are a bit expensive, but a tiny bottle lasts a long time (remember, you only need 1 drop per eye).


San Antonio, TX


Get rid of your itchy red allergy eyes!


I have terrible seasonal allergies that affect my eyes the most.  My eyes start by getting red and super itchy.  Then the sneezing and watery eyes join the party.  I also have allergies to cats and dogs that have the same reaction...miserable itchy watery eyes. Zaditor Allergy Eyedrops definitely helps my eyes and with the sneezing too. This works in minutes!  I've tried Patanol in the past and this only mildly controlled my symptoms.  I've been using Zaditor for years now when ever my itchy eyes return...I Zap them with a drop of Zaditor and they are gone!  The drops are long lasting too which is nice.   One drop in each eye lasts me all day. This is better than other drops because you don't have to remember to put them in before your eyes start itching again. I can even do things I couldn't before with out suffering, like cut the grass, be near hay and ride horses.  All I have to say is AHHHH relief at last!


Coraopolis, PA


much better than average eye drops


These eye drops really seem to help with seasonal allergies.  They seem to be much more effective than the regular over the counter eye drops.  Really relieves the redness and itchiness associated with seasonal allergies. 


Knoxville, TN


Novartis Zaditor Allergy Eyedrops

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