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Clear Eyes
Clear Eyes Acr Allergy Relief Eye Drops 0.5 fl oz /15 ml

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Soothing Eye Drops


I suffer from year round allergies which always affect my eyes. The mornings are especially rough. I have found tremendous relief with these drops. What impresses me most is that they are effective in treating my eyes while being one of the gentlest eye drops on the market. Most eyedrops in this category have an initial stinging sensation, these are soothing the minute you put them in your eyes. The redness begings to disappear immediately and the rough scratchy feeling soon disappears as well. I have always been concerned about overuse of drops, but these gentle drops put me at ease. I am impressed with the price point of these drops as well. Its a fair size bottle and literally one or two drops will last for hours. During the spring and fall when my allergies are at their worst I do reapply these in the afternoon. I am then set for the rest of the day. For those with severe allergies I recommend trying these drops.




Clear Eyes Removes Redness Almost Instantly


  Sore, red eyes can be caused by many factors. For some, allergies can lead to redness. For others, it can be particles in the air or even lack of sufficient sleep. Whatever the cause, there is one product that gets rid of redness quickly and restores the eyes to good health. That product is **Clear Eyes Redness Relief Eye Drops**, one of the leading names in eye drops.   **Eye Drop Commentary:**   Clear Eyes Redness Relief Eye Drops are a sterile, buffered solution designed to moisturize the eyes and eliminate redness. This clear fluid is dispensed by squeezing the bottle and releasing one or two drops in each eye. This procedure can be repeated up to four times every day for clear, healthy eyes.     I wear contact lenses and I often have problems with irritation caused by a tiny particle getting trapped beneath the lens and my eyes. Because my eyes have become desensitized to touch, I often don't even notice the irritation at first. But after a couple of hours, my eyes are often red and sore. I also experience redness due to lack of sleep and sometimes from allergies. In any of these situations, Clear Eyes Redness Relief Eye Drops are an excellent choice when you want to eliminate the redness and irritation.   Clear Eyes Redness Relief Eye Drops offer many good reasons to use them and the most important is the fast- action results. In a matter of seconds, you will see the red fade from your eyes. If you have been rubbing your eyes for any extended period of time, they might still be sore, but the redness will be eliminated quickly. Like most eye drops, there is a slight sting, but it is very insignificant and is gone within seconds.     Clear Eyes Redness Relief Eye Drops are also useful as a lubricant and they contain the active ingredient glycerol to help in this regard. However, this product will not necessarily help with the problem of dry eyes. Then again, this eye drop is not really intended for this purpose. The lubricant contained in Clear Eyes Redness Relief Eye Drops is meant as an aid to help eliminate the color and restore the healthy glow to your eyes and it fulfills this task with speed and efficiency.   **Bottom Line Viewpoint:**   Red eyes are not only nasty to look at, they are also a source of great discomfort. Clear Eyes Redness Relief Eye Drops are an excellent product that removes redness quickly and restores eyes to a shiny white glow. They go to work quickly, eliminating the red color and slowly helping sore eyes return to health.       


Houston, TX


Gets rid of dry eyes!


I wear contacts daily for hours, and when I take them off, I usually find my eyes very dry. SO I use Clear Eyes Relief and it works very well! Although I don't have allergies, this works well on my dry eyes from daily contact ear as well! I only need one drop in each eye for the dryness to go away. This formula is get for helping me lubricate my dry eyes when I can't produce those natural tears. This also serves as a dual purpose apart from relieving dry eyes... you can use the liquid on ance and red pimples, and there's a subtance in the eye drops that gets rid of the reddness on your skin. So it's a two-for-one deal! This product ranks very high within the other eye drops that I've used. It may say it's for allergy, but it works well for people who don't have allergies as well! I love the dual purpose of this eye drop. The price is also very reasonable, and it's not overpriced like some other eye drops!  


Riverside, CA


Relieves my worst allergy eye nightmares!


These allergy drops work wonders on dry itchy allergy eyes!!  It relieves the pain and itch instantly!!!  It is a god send for me and my daughter!!  Couldn't make it through allergy season with my sanity in tact without it!  Absolutely the best!!


Mesa, AZ


Clear Eyes Acr Allergy Relief Eye Drops 0.5 fl oz /15 ml

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