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Major Aspirin Low Strength Aspirin Tablets

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Eat food or drink milk when taking to prevent stomach ulcers


Aspirin is for mild pain and should only be used in the appropraite dosage. 81 mg is a daily dose good for heart history and those at risk for a heart attack. See your doctor before taking large doages or if you have stamach pain or notice dark tarry stool or bright red blood in stool- this couls be due ot bleeding in digestion track.

Mansfield, OH


Major Low Strength 81 mg Aspirin keep heart attacks at bay.


Len has had several heart attacks, quintuple bypass surgery, and 5 stents, so he is on warfarin, and a low strength aspirin every day. Together these keep his blood thin, and helps prevent further heart attacks. Major brand of low strength 81 mg aspirin are enteric coated. They are a tiny, round, yellow pill, with a heart shape on it. They come in a child proof bottle for safety reasons. As well as using them as a 'heart healthy' product, you can also take them for minor aches, and pains. They are really inexpensive, and there are 120 tablets in the bottle. They have a good shelf life too. There are several warning on the bottle, so please read them before taking this product. I feel that it gives Len a more active life, and he will continue to take them. Effectiveness I shouldn't say this but it has been 2 years since his last heart attack. Ease of Use Just swallow with water. Immediacy He takes them as a preventative pill, so I really can't say.

New Port Richey, FL


Major Aspirin Low Strength Aspirin Tablets

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