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Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

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{Logitech Wireless Keyboard] Look Ma, No Wires!


Having a clean desk means no clutter and no cables. But usually when you've got your computer, you've got cables from the mouse and the keyboard to deal with. Not anymore when you go the wireless route! The Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse solve this problem and then some. The feel and build of this keyboard is very nice and sturdy. Full keyboard with the number pad on the right gives you access to any and every key that you'll ever need or even think about needing. The F keys also line the top and then there are customizeable quick buttons at the top that allow you to launch apps really quickly. Even media related buttons (play, stop, forward, volume, etc) are on the top of the keyboard. The mouse is pretty standard and has a scroll wheel that you can also lean left and right to help scroll horizontally on the screen (a nice feature). You can also customize buttons on the mouse to your liking. If you're looking for a simple and easy solution to your desktop cables, then it's time to go wireless, with Logitech!


Austin, TX


Logitech wireless keyboard works


As a language arts teacher I was looking for a way to teach writing while maintaining an appropriate presence in my classroom. I needed to move out from behind my computer and desk. So, I bought this keyboard and mouse. Using the LCD projector in my classroom I was able to use the projection screen as a large computer screen. I was also able to move about my room. I could move to desks, teach from my podium, and virtually teach from anywhere in the room. It was a great way for me to teach writing. This keyboard also allowed me to walk around the room when doing a powerpoint presentation. By using the Enter button, I could move from one slide to the next while walking around my room. This worked in a great way. The battery in the keyboard has lasted for years now. The mouse was not as impressive. The mouse runs on AA batteries and ran out of power really fast. So fast, in fact, that I've just found it easier to not use it. Instead I use a standard corded mouse. The keyboard was worth the purchase though. When this board does finally go, I'll be happy to replace it with a new Logitech wireless keyboard.


Anaheim, CA


Logitech comes through!!


I've had this wireless keyboard and mouse for years with NO problems at all.....hate it when the mouse batteries die but I hate a cord even more!!  The only problem I have now, is that I've worn the letters off my keyboard!!  LOL  Thanks Logitech!


Kannapolis, NC


Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

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