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Kodak - Maximum Versatility 35mm Film Camera

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so convenient


I just love these disposable cameras.   there are so many uses.   When my kids go on field trips, they want to take many pictures of their friends and great things that they're seen . Taking their own cameras makes me nervous .  I 'm so afraid they will get broken or lost - the disposable cameras are the way to go. My sister in laws used the underwater version when they went snorkelling on a cruise..  the underwater picture quality was very impressive for a disposable camera..  These cameras are also a great idea to have on hand at parties/ showers and weddings.   Many cash strapped couples try to save on an expensive photographer by putting a couple of cameras on every table for the guest to use ( and leave for the bride and groom on the table) .  I've seen a few that  leave a printed message on the pictures when developed.  Happy birthday , anniversary, christmas or the year..   What a great feature.  Pick up a few today..  

Bellville, OH


Kodak Disposable Camera is My Camera of Choice


Kodak Disposable Cameras are the greatest! I know I a behind in technology everyone has digital cameras but not me I'm staying with my simple, easy to use, Kodak Disposable Cameras. I have been using these for over 15 years and I am very happy with the quality of pictures I get and the ease of using this camera. I took them to DisneyWorld when we took our granddaughter for the first time and I was very pleased with all of the pictures we took even the ones we took at night of the parades and fireworks. They are not very expensive, very easy to use and if you drop them or lose them you aren't out a lot of money just pictures. I also took these to Destin, Florida two years ago for a family vacation and again the pictures were great.  Another family member had a digital camera with them and down on the beach she had a difficult time taking pictures, the lens would fog up and it affected the quality of her pictures, they were "foggy".  I graciously shared my pictures with her even though my camera was "laughed" at they appreciated my copies. I would recommend these cameras for all occasions to everyone.  I will continue to use this brand of camera until I am forced to go with "technology" it works great, very affordable and very simple to use!  

Whitehouse, TX


Kodak - Maximum Versatility 35mm Film Camera

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