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Konica Minolta
Konica Minolta - Maxxum 7d

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Minolta has been my #1 choice in 35mm cameras for ten years


I own 3 minolta cameras, a minolta Maxxum GX, maxxum 70 and a maxxum 5000.  Compared to other cameras I have owned the Minolta takes by far better pictures, clarity is a strong point.  This Minolta has done well.  The ease of use for the amature is great.

Dalhart, TX


A classic SLR design for the serious amateur to pro!


The Konica-Minolta Maxxum 7d is not a new kid on the block but you can still get them at the local camera store or online at the better camera sites. If you are a Minolta fan then this is just another reason to continue to use a dSLR. All the old Maxxum lenses will fit your 7d so no expensive crossover costs when you get a new camera body and do not have any glass to place on the front. I have found that the lighter lenses work a little better as they do not put as much strain or drain on the battery to operate them AND it makes the camera so much lighter to carry if you are carrying it around and snapping pictures. The body has two activators either touching the grip will bring it to life or putting your eye to the eye-piece - both are configurable. Did I say configurable? The 7d has multiple screens where you can tweak everything about your photo style. You can also create custom profiles if you have some sort of unique situation that you repeatedly encounter. PLUS there are two dials on the right side - one at your index finger and the other at your thumb. Both can be configured to control shutter speed or aperature - so you don't have to pull your eye back from the eye-piece. Just a twist or roll of your index finger or thumb and you can see the settings adjust in the viewfinder. The user has full control over exposure value AND flash output as well as bracketing. I must admit I am a bit biased as I have only ever photographed with a Minolta and this was worth the wait and a natural progression into digital photography with the feel of an SLR in my hands and not some plastic lightweight box with a simulated shutter release sound!

Sykesville, MD


Good camera for the value


Good camera overall. The pictures it took were great. I have the Maxxum 7 film camera which I cannot part with. The Maxxum 7D however has one major flaw. It will turn itself off at the most inoppurtune times. After researching the problem on the camera website, I learned that the company which bought Minolta is aware of the problem but has no intentions of correcting the error. In the end that was the deciding factor for me to sell the camera and buy a Nikon D200 which I just love.

Big Lake, MN


Konica Minolta - Maxxum 7d

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