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Kenmore Elite Microwave Hood Combination Model 72180599402

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Excellent product from Kenmore


This microwave was newly installed in our house when we bought it. It was brand new when we moved in. Based on looks alone, it looks great in our house. We have all black appliances and this fits perfectly with those. The inside is very large and you can put just about any size bowl or plate inside. In addition, a new feature for me was a metal rack that can be placed in the middle of the microwave to add space. This way you can microwave several items at once. I haven't used this feature yet, but it's there for a holiday gathering perhaps. I also really like the features on the buttons of the microwave. For example, it has a "soften/melt" button which I frequently use to soften butter. Other microwaves I have used just explode or quickly melt butter, which is not ideal for cookies. This function actually softens the butter or melts it if that is what you want. I was very impressed! I have used the defrost function as well and it does defrost food without cooking it, like other microwaves do. Finally, the microwave is powerful and actually heats food evenly in a short amount of time, probably the most important feature of a microwave. Excellent product and features.

Jamestown, ND


Kenmore's attractive microwave/hood combo is above average.


This microwave is large and attractive - it works great. However the range hood fan is not very powerful it seems. Performance Microwave works excellent. Range hood is underpowered tgo say the least. Not very pleased for the amount of money spent. Settings/Features Many features including thermometer probe are available. Ease of Cleaning Piece of cake just use warm water and a scrubby - films can be left by chemicals. Ease of Use Shortcuts galore - very functional microwave. Durability We used this range hood and microwav e combo for over three years - however we sold our house and left it in place so unsure if it STILL works. Design Range hood is underpowered otherwise a good appliance - not worth the premium price however IMO.



Great Microwave, but lacking as a fan


We've had our Kenmore microwave for just over 4 years. As a microwave, it functions better than any countertop model that we have owned. It has smart sensor technology to quickly and evenly heat many items like popcorn and potatoes with the press of one button. It's easy to clean as well. As an above oven fan, I do find it to be lacking. It doesn't seem to be even half as powerful as most hood fan only models we've had in our previous homes. It also has lighting available below the unit for your cooktop, but the bulbs are a nightmare to change! We had bulbs burn out and it was not an easy fix. In the future, I think we would prefer to have a traditional hood/fan but this combination is working for now.

Johnson City, TN


Great microwave, mediocre hood


I have had this microwave hood combination for about 5 years. As a microwave, it functions great, is easy to keep clean, and I like the features of the specific buttons that adjust power and temperature according to what I am heating up (for instance, making popcorn has its own button, as does defrosting, etc). I am not super thrilled about the fan, though. When I use it as a hood, the fan rattles quite a noisily, and slightly moves air around, but not much for all the noise it is making!

Seattle, WA


Kenmore Elite Microwave Hood Combination Model 72180599402

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