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Over-the-Range Microwaves
Hotpoint 1.5 Cu. Ft. Over-the-Range Microwave Oven


A 1.5 Cu Ft internal capacity fueled by 950 Watts delivers all the cooking capacity and power you need to cook or reheat in a flash, and at a modest price. Beverage and Popcorn Instant-On Convenience modes take the guesswork out of preparing these hard-to-get-just-right foods, and a 12.52" turntable helps achieve even heating and cooking for tastier, healthier foods.

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GE Cafe Microwave


I purchased the GE Cafe 2.0 Cu. Ft 1100 Watts Microwave as part of the GE set of cafe line of appliances! I would definitely recommend this microwave because it's really great! I love the sleek design of the microwave and the outside is easy to keep clean. I love the light up touch screen, it's very easy to use and leaves a lot less buttons to clean. The only major cleaning issue with the outside is fingerprints on the touch screen but they come off easily when wiped down. I think that this microwave works really great, it always heats my food thoroughly without making it hard or drying it out and it cooks very quickly. I love all of the different settings on this microwave. It has different functions like cook, thaw, cook time by food type or weight or time. I also like the 30 second express button for fast heating! This microwave also has a built in vent and light on the bottom so it's great to use over my GE cafe stove! The outside and the inside of this microwave are sleek so both are very easy to keep clean and I have absolutely no complaints! Overall, the GE Cafe microwave is brilliant! I would definitely give it ten out of ten stars.



Great microwave with a somewhat short lived lifespan.


I loved everything about this microwave. It has a cool vent that opens up at the top when the fan is used and a push button panel with a blue back lit digital display. It has several pre-set features that have all worked perfectly. I always get compliments from my friends and my kids friends on how "cool" and "fancy" my microwave looks. It is large enough that I have been able to put rectangular casserole dishes in it. My one complaint is that this microwave seems to have a big fault. It is an over the oven style microwave and after 3 years, I started having problems with the microwave shutting completely down after cooking on the stove. This can last as long as a few minutes to a few weeks. After doing some online research, it seems the heat from the stove does something to the panel chip. It seems to be a common problem with this model at around the same age. The price of the repair can cost the same as a refurbished model of the same type. I am still using the microwave and am just careful which pan I cook directly under the number panel. I paid a lot for this microwave so I am just waiting until it is completely dead. You would think with so many people having the same problems that GE would issue some kind of recall on it. Durability Due to the problem showing up after only 3 years Design Poor because of the sensitivity of the number panel from the heat from the stove. You would think since the microwave was made to be installed over the stove, the panel would be more durable against heat.

San Antonio, TX


Does Great


I really love the microwave, it does everything it says it does. The only things I didn't like about it is that it's kind of loud and it flips the breaker quite often (but that's more an issue with my house :)). Other than that I really love it, you only have to use about half the time you think you need though!

Upper Tract, WV


Fast and fancy!


Overall I have to say this is the best microwave oven I have ever owned! The one touch settings are great and the selections for defrosting or cooking by food choice are quite varied. Of course you can still cook by time,just a few more buttons to push for this operation. The three speed vent works extremely well although the fan is a little loud on high.The lower speeds are very quiet. The option to cook with racks is convenient as the the option to turn off turntable which comes in handy for awkward shaped or large dishes.

Galesville, WI


The GE Cafe Microwave Has Some Flaws


My husband and I bought this microwave to go along with our other GE Cafe stainless steel appliances. We wanted a European look when we remodeled our kitchen and that's exactly what we got. The entire GE Cafe line is really beautiful but there are some flaws. Although this microwave cooks well and we love the touch keypad, we have had some issues with it. First, we were disappointed that GE did not make this microwave with the convection feature. Its Profile Series has it, so why not this series? Secondly, one day I was cooking something in it and saw a lot of sparks. I immediately turned the unit off to find that the metal grating had touched the back of the microwave and had blackened it. Now there is a small permanent black stain on the inside back that won't come off. Thirdly, there has been a big problem with this thick piece of protective plastic around the door handle. Somehow, the steam from things cooking on the stove have loosened it and it is coming off. This had happened once before and GE replaced the handle. Finally, my husband and I have noticed lots of blotches that look like stains on the stainless steel. I used a stainless steel cleaner, but they will not come off. I will be calling GE to find out more about this problem.

Hollywood, FL


Hotpoint 1.5 Cu. Ft. Over-the-Range Microwave Oven

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