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GE Hotpoint Microwave Oven

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Pretty decent microwave


We have been using this microwave for several years now. It's a great size and it always heats foods evenly and quickly. It's easy to clean and looks sleek on the outside. We've had a few problems with it freezing up and the screen goes out. When that happens we have to unplug it and plug it back in and then it works again. Thankfully that only happens every couple of months. I love that it's simple and easy with the automatic buttons for minutes 1-6 and it's easy to "add 30 seconds" with the push of one button. The clock is easy to set and the power level is pretty simple to change. Other than that one problem with it freezing up it's a great microwave and especially for the price.

Taylors, SC


Easy to use, simple microwave


This microwave is nothing fancy but has plenty of settings to do the job. I like this microwave because there is no pushing tons of buttons just to cook for a minute or two -- simply enter in the amount of time you want and push start. There is also a quick start option which goes in increments of one minute. There are plenty of settings for defrost and the typical popcorn, potato, etc. The revolving plate inside ensures even cooking time and the inside is easy to clean.

Meridian, ID


Great over the stove microwave.


This is a great over the counter microwave. It's best to go over your stove as it has a ventilation system underneath. It doesn't take up alot of room and it does its job very well. It has alot of function keys (ie. potato, popcorn, vegetable or beverage). My favorite feature has to be the quick minute key function: you just hit the #1 keypad and it microwaves for 1 minute. Press 2 for 2 minutes, etc. Extremely efficient function. Performance It cooks/heats things up very nicely. I don't find that i have to adjust times.

Clackamas, OR


Easy to use, easy to clean!


I purchased this 1.5 cu. ft over the range GE Hotpoint Microwave Oven last year as a replacement for a similar model that had started to make occasional buzzing sounds while in use. Its predecessor lasted about 10 years, with daily use. I certainly hope this one lasts just as long! This microwave is only rated at 950 watts, but I think it works more similarly to the 1100 watt units I've owned in the past. It has a surface light and two speed vent fan to help you see and whisk away smells from your cooktop. The unit fits perfectly over my GE range (same width). I love the "add 30 seconds" feature - it's great for warming up leftovers. You can use the quick start buttons for 1-6 minutes of cooking at full power - this is great for heating up frozen meals. You can also program the unit to delay the start of cooking, so you can multitask in the kitchen. You have two options for defrosting - automatic and timed - as well as your standard popcorn and beverage buttons. There is a very heavy duty glass turntable inside, and the inner/outer surfaces of the unit are very easy to clean. Just wipe down with a damp towel, and you're good to go!

Denver, CO


GE Hotpoint Microwave Oven

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