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Maytag 2.0 cu. ft. 1100 Watt Combination Range Hood Microwave - Stainless Steel


Better Built with More Power for Your Cooking Needs Stainless Steel Interior A hidden vent makes the over-the-range microwave stylish and easy to clean 2.0 Cu. Ft. Capacity provides plenty of space and flexibility for large or multiple dishes. It easily fits a 9" x 13" pan 1000 Watts of Power 300 CFM Airflow with Four Adjustable Fan Speeds WideGlide Tray has been designed to move back and forth inside the microwave for uniform cooking results - even in cookware as large as a 10" x 15" pan Sensor Cook Options Scrolling VFD Display Precision Cooking System: Ensures even cooking throughout the microwave, making it possible to melt butter without splattering, reheat dinner plates without hot spots and defrost meat without cooking the edges Precision Touch Electronic Controls Sensor Reheat: Sensors help to evenly reheat food by automatically adjusting cooking time as needed Variable levels of power make it

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This is a great product if you are looking for stainless steel.


Overall I'm very happy with my new microwave. It has a modern look and feel to it which I really enjoy. You should try it. I think you would be happy too. Performance This microwave heats my frozen meals perfectly. I really don't even feel the need to stir the contents to distribute the heat better. This microwave takes care of that for me. Settings/Features There are more settings/ features than I could have ever invented myself! I don't know if I will ever make use of all of them but it is nice to have the option. Ease of Cleaning This microwave is easy to clean and take care of. I try to wipe down the buttons every other week or so. Ease of Use This microwave is very user friendly. Durability I can't comment too much on this category as I haven't had it very long but it does seem like a durable appliance. Design I think that the design of this product is very sleek and modern. It really updated my kitchen.

Manchester, TN


nice looking and works good too!


i like the sleek looks of the stainless finish...I like other microwaves that have quick buttons better but if you have to type the time in it isnt that bad! Performance heats up quickly! Settings/Features I wish it had the 30 sec and 1 minute, 2 minute quick buttons Ease of Cleaning no problems Ease of Use works with the setting provided. Durability seems to be durable I know products aren't made a quality as they used to be so I am not surprised that it used thin products Design nice looking stainless finish



Decent Mircowave


Overall, I am satisfied with the Maytag's MMV5208WS performance. It looks nice in my kitchen, and is easy to use. My food heats well and it has been easy to keep clean. My husband was taken in with the way the tray inside revolves in a square pattern instead of the usual circle pattern. I honestly, don't find this any better than traditional models - just different. I guess if someone had a really large dish they were trying to heat up, the rectangular movement would work better than the circle. However, if you're like me and just use your microwave to heat up left-overs and other odd things, don't spend a ton of money for this "whistle." Another thing we learned is that this microwave is bigger than other microwaves we have purchased so measure, measure, measure. Maybe we just weren't up on microwave design, but we had to buy a different bracket in back to get it to fit in the space we had from our previous microwave that died. Due to this difference, the grid provided did not work at all - my husband measured and drilled the holes but it didn't fit. We had to measure and drill from the microwave itself and not the pattern provided so measure carefully before buying and installing! Design I put poor due to our installation difficulties because the grid pattern provided for drilling the holes did not work at all for us. Once we scrapped the provided sheet to make installation a breeze and measure on the microwave, we had better luck (after drilling holes in the wrong place due to the poor grid pattern provided).

Carlisle, PA


Maytag 2.0 cu. ft. 1100 Watt Combination Range Hood Microwave - Stainless Steel

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