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Kaiser Permanente

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I'll never go back to Kaiser Santa Cruz, CA


I had good experiences with Kaiser in Stockton, CA, but horrible with Kaiser in Santa Cruz, CA. I went into urgent care with an excruciating sprained ankle and could not walk without the use of cars, the hand rails, and inside Kaiser I used furniture and walls to get around. The front desk person was rude in her tone and would not look away from her monitor to even look at me when we spoke. She saw that I was having trouble walking and was in pain but not once did she offer me a wheelchair or even a crutch. Besides, she had me come up to the counter twice - then had me walk down a long hallway and back to her desk twice to see the x-ray tech and the onsite pharmacist for my prescription. I had to walk past 5 well chairs just behind her desk area around the corner to do so yet she did offer me one once! I was leaning on the walls and door knobs, limping, and on occasion grunting because my ankle hurt so bad to walk on it. I passed a security guard, multiple medical "professionals", and even the physician's assistant I saw did not offer me anything to assist in walking. Eventually, after I had already walked throughout the urgent care facility and was quite frustrated, the medical assistant assigned to me asked me if I wanted a wheelchair. I say "It's a little late for that now since I've already had to walk the entire facility without help." Before I was done talking, she turned around and said "Ok." as if to just brush me off. *These are the kinds of people we can expect expert medical care from? It gets worse... I was seen by a physician's assistant(PA)- I asked to see a doctor. The PA looked at my x-rays and essentially questioned if anything was wrong with me at all. (I had already been limping around for two days and called into work bc I couldn't perform my duties). So now I'm lying...? The only reason I was there is bc my ankle hurt severely and I'm almost 50 so my wife thought it best for me to have it looked at. Now, this woman who is not a doctor is treatin


Santa Cruz, CA


Worse experience ever at Urgent care and Hosital


On Recent Visits to Kaiser Urgent, care in past month, at two different locations and Hospital visits for treatment for a folly catheter, these facilities did not have the supplies needed to do anything, and the staff was very rude and short. Also, we were sent from one Kaiser medical care to another , because one Doctor expressed fear to make a decision for a simple urine analysis.




Do not enroll in Kaiser COBRA


I received my paperwork for COBRA coverage the beginning of March 2018. I decided to sign up for it, since I needed medical for 2 months before my new job's insurance. Bad mistake. Not only did they deposit it, but I wasn't covered for the month of snatch. 1st time I called after mailing the payment, rep said should only take a few days to kick in. Less than a week later, check was mailed locally to her. I still had no coverage and check had not cleared. I called again and this time was told I had to speak to my work regarding COBRA even after I told her that I already spoke to them and was told they don't handle because a Kaiser prefers to handle it directly. I called my work again and was told to contact Kaiser. I called and spoke to the same rep who again said I had to talk to my work. Meantime my check cleared my account and I was showing no coverage. 3rd call spoke to same rep again. After insisting she speak to a supervisor she finally admitted she was wrong and it takes 30-45 days to process COBRA to which I said, "Cancel my coverage, because at the end of 45 days I would almost be on my new employers." I also mentioned my check cleared. I got an answer to my complaint and request for refund. They refused even though they admitted I had no coverage for the month of March. Even if I had written the required termination letter it wouldn't take effect until the next month. But they were more than happy to take a retro letter pushing it back to April instead of May. I am extremely angry and upset with Kaiser. There was no way to terminate March in February and not only that they admitted that I paid for no coverage in March and too bad they were keeping my money despite providing me no coverage. They are crooks who take your money and if you are entitled to a refund too bad. Also sorry if you had no coverage for the month you paid. Kaiser will be more than happy to go after someone if you had an accident, but when it comes to money they owe you they will lie.


Santa Monica


Horrible service. Nobody knows what the other is doing


Horrible customer service. When I switched to their online pharm. no department seemed to know what the other was doing. Kept blaming my doctor even though I was present when they submitted forms. Said things were approved and then never showed up and would have to start the process all over. Can only go to one pharm in town (I live in Col. Springs). Even though your doc is on the list of approved physicians they then say they are out of network because you can only go to one Kaiser facility in town which is not even in a convenient part of town. Don't trust what they say in their pamplets as it is not true.




someone stole a part from my car (Muffler)


On November 24th, 2017 someone stole a part from my car (Muffler). I parked the car on the 3rd level of the parking structure in Kaiser Permanente Harbor City. When I found out what happened, I called the Security officers and their supervisor said, "Kaiser is not responsible for anything happening on the parking structure and we don't have enough employees to check the area anyways." Imagine someone trying to attack a patient or employee without anyone nearby the scene. Someone could get seriously injured, and no one could know it. My point is that we should prevent this problem.


torrance, California

I am leaving Kaiser, DO NOT GET KAISER YOU'LL BE SORRY !!!


I am changing providers and getting out of Kaiser. I have a large knot that pops out of my rib cage like a muscle cramp that burns and stings, the pain is very bad. Kaiser tested me for an hernia, They also had me do all the wellness test even a pap smear, They said they could not do anything with the hernia until I had them done. All this cost BIG $$. I received a letter in the mail with all my test results that most of it I do not understand except for it stating that I do not have an hernia. So I made a new appointment ( of course I had to pay $ for the Dr. visit even though it was a follow-up ) so she can explain the test results to me and to find out what is wrong with me if it is not an hernia then what is it ? The Dr. did not explain the results to me only told me that there is no hernia that maybe I need to lose weight ( I am not that much over weight ) or it could be gas. So I asked if she was going to find out what is wrong and all she could tell me " I told you that you do not have a hernia". I told her if she was not interested in finding out what is wrong that I will change providers and she told me that I can take my test results to the new insurance. I have talked to some friends and they say they get the same treatment ( or lack of) at Kaiser. All Kaiser wants is money . I am still in pain with a large Kaiser bill $$$


Stockton ,California


Never again horrible insurance ever!


Bad everything customer service doctors network and coverage




Worste Insurance EVER


If I could give less than 1 star - I would!! This insurance is the absolute worst I have ever had the mis-pleasure to pay for!! If this is the insurance your employer offers - run - do not walk - but RUN away - quite your job if you have to - to avoid this insurance provider. I have countless stories. Broke my foot and was told I needed an APPOINTMENT to go to the ER for x-rays and they could see me the next day!. Had surgery and ended up with MRSA - with a high fever, and 3 foot of snow - was told to drive 45 minutes away to the only ER - meanwhile driving past numerous other hospitals...and recently called to set an appointment with my PC because I have numbness in my face radiating out to the ear, down to the chin/neck and over the eye on my left side - and was promptly told my doctor was out of the office for 7 weeks. The physician covering could see me Friday afternoon - a week away....There are numerous other 'issues' with this group. Best advice I can give is - avoid at all costs.


Fairfax, VA

Poor excuse for health care


I have had the misfortune of being with Kaiser for 6 years due to my employers choice. It's health care without the care part. Disorganized medicine. Absolutely the worst. Don't even think about it.




Used to be much better


I am a patient and very dissatisfied with their service. It was great the first two years but now I cannot recommend them. It's difficult to get appointments. Now there are long wait times when I do get an appointment. I will be changing come open season


Gaithersburg, MD


Kaiser Permanente

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