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Johnson & Johnson
Johnson & Johnson Band-Aid Hurt Free Antiseptic Wash 6 oz

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The best antiseptic!


If you're like me, you're a complete wuss when it comes to pain--even minor stings hurt. In fact, growing up, this is what made me reluctant to disinfect my cuts and wounds, even though I knew I should have, but I felt I was always presented with two paths: pain or possible future infection. I would grit my teeth and try to blow on my injuries each time I dabbed rubbing alcohol onto myself, and the whole process was time-consuming and not very fun, to say the very least. Enter the Band-Aid Hurt Free Antiseptic Wash. I'm not sure why this product wasn't out earlier (maybe it was, and I had just never noticed it), but now cleaning wounds is no longer the painful process that it once was. No fuss, no ouchies, and no worries about possible infection. Perfect for kids, or for people like me. I'll definitely be buying this again and recommending it to anybody who hates to put up with even the slightest pain.


Harpers Ferry, WV


No burn, yay!!


I bought Johnson & Johnson's Band-Aid Hurt Free Antiseptic Wash when my daughter was little and learning to walk. She would scrape her knees often on the ground and I needed to find something that would clean the wound without the stinging of a soap. This wash is amazing!! There is absolutley no sting, even on the most scraped up knees. My daughter didn't feel a thing. It was just like washing it with water. I made sure to keep an extra bottle on hand, especially when we go camping and don't have the luxury of being at home or close to a store. I bought my first bottle a year ago and still have plenty of it left. You don't need to use a lot of it on a wound, so the bottle lasts a long time. The price for the wash is very inexpensive and well worth buying to put in your first aid kit. I would absolutley recommend this for anyone who needs a great cleaner for wounds, but without the burn.


Spokane, WA


Johnson & Johnson Band-Aid Hurt Free Antiseptic Wash Awesomeness


This is a great product for its use. Kills germs and stops the pain. This product will make your kids happy and make them feel better. This is just not for kids, but can be used for adults too. If you are trying to prevent infections this product will prevent them from occuring. I recommended this product for everyone.


Oakley, CA


A must-have product for around the house!


We started using this product about 4 year ago.  My son absolutely loves it, due to the fact that it never stings, even in an open wound.  He also has eczema and very skinsitive skin, so I have to be extra careful about what products I am putting onto his skin.  I love that this product has a very long expiration date too.  So many of the products that I buy expire within a few months and every time I've purchased this item, I'm usually able to keep it well over a year after the date of purchase.  I also love that this item is very reasonably priced too!  One factor that I wish maybe Johnson & Johnson could change is that kids can't very easily use this product by themselves, but luckily that hasn't been too much of an issue. Overall though, I absolutely love this product and find myself using it quite a bit around the house.  It's defnitely a "must have" item for any first aid kit, including car kits too!


Washington, IL


Great antispetic wash


The Johnson & Johnson Band Aid First Aid Hurt Free Antiseptic Wash is a great wash. It really is hurt free. I worked as a camp counselor for kids from ages five to sixteen for years and this was one of the greatest additions to our first-aid kit. We were able to disinfect the kids' scrapes without having to hold them down from the pain. The kids were very surprised when there was no sting and were able to say calm while we cleansed the wound. The bottle also has a great lid with the cover over the top having a few holes in it (like a spice bottle) so that you can spray it on a would instead of dribbling it all over the place. We eventually had to stop using it due to the fact that you are now not able to use anything on kids without parental authorization because everyone is worried about allergic reactions. This was great while it lasted though. i now use this on my own home and on my own kids and will continue to do so. This is a great wash for cleaning cuts without tears. I would recommend this product to anyone.


Glenpool, OK


Dual Action First Aid Product


Johnson's Band-Aid Brand Hurt Free Antiseptic Wash is a suitable solution to ease the pain from minor bruises, cuts, and scrapes.  That said, don't let the name fool you; this wash does sting a little bit on first application.  After a while, though, it starts to ease to the point where it does not sting any more. I was somewhat surprised to find that this Band-Aid Brand Wash had lidocaine hydrochloride in it.  I think that this ingredient really does the trick.  Lidocaine may have somewhat of a bad reputation but in this wash, it really does work wonders.  You barely recognize that you have any kind of pain. This dual action wash is a numbing agent and a germ fighter.  I try to use it as a first resort whenever I get a paper cut or something.  Because let's face it, paper cuts really, really hurt.  Who knew that you could suffer that kind of pain from something that starts out as a tree!!!!  Nevertheless, I am pleased with my Band Aid Brand Wash and will continue to use it.


Hoover, AL


Johnson & Johnson Band-Aid Hurt Free Antiseptic Wash 6 oz

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