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Neosporin First Aid Antibiotic Ointment

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Helps Heal Faster & Doesn't Burn


I love using Neosporin First Aid Antibiotic Ointment on cuts.  I really do think that cuts heal faster when using it.  It helps so you don't scars or to lessen them.  My kids really do not object when I put it on. My 4 year old thinks it looks like a snake so that is helpful when I go to put it on.  It makes it a little more fun.  I love that you can just squirt it out on the cut and when the band-aid gets put on it it squishes it down.  It is nice not to have to get all gooey or touch the cut.  The only bad part about the Neosporin First Aid Antibiotic Ointment is that it is a little greasy and will leave grease marks on clothing if you are not careful.  That makes it a little tricky to make sure you don't put too much on so it oozes out of the band-aid or that you don't just put it on your cut without covering it.  I tend to reapply it every couple of days until the cut is almost healed.  It really works well.


Apex, NC


Neosporin: Simple, Reliable, a Medical Standard


My medicine cabinet is never without a tube of Neosporin. It was a medical standard and a staple in my household. I strive to keep my body in a healthy state. Therefore, I always use Neosporin after receiving a cut. It heals both minor and moderate cuts. I have never experienced a major cut, but on the other hand, I have never experienced an infection or scarring. Thus, I consider Neosporin to be a successful, reliable product. As previously stated, I use Nesporin in my "cut" regimen. I always use Neosporin because it is helpful and simple. It takes little to no effort to apply this product on my cuts. In regards to price, Neospoin is worth the money. It is not the cheapest product on the shelf, especially because it is associated with a brand name. Nevertheless, I have never been dissatisfied with this product. I am willing to spend the extra money on a trustworthy product, especially one that will benefit my health. In addition, the 0.5 ounces last a long time. In my case, this is because: (1) I experience very few cuts; and (2) each cut requires a minimal amount of product. 


Saint Louis, MO


Good, but overuse of antibiotics not necessary to kill bacteria


I used Neosporin for years because I was brainwashed into thinking that I "should" use an antibiotic cream. Further research has proven that this is NOT the way to go. Antibiotic usage is overboard these days and what it does is help create super bacteria that cannot be killed when necessary.All types of bacteria, including Staph, MRSA and even the flesh-eating bacteria are found on the skin of a great proportion of the population. Rather than using antibiotic creams for every minor cut; do NOT use it unless you have been lab-tested positive for a bacterial infection. Antibiotics kill **good** bacterias **AND** the **weaker bad** **bacterias**, **allowing stronger, more dangerous bacteria to take over our bodies**. Use something that kills the bad bacteria, without encouraging other bacterial growth. Hydrogen Peroxide cleanses and Iodine are good to cleanse after washing with soap and water, and then vaseline to keep the cut soft, and cover so it heals.There are better products that will keep the skin soft while healing and which kill bacteria than antibiotic creams like Neosporin if you are worried about bacterial infection. They will kill even the antibiotic resistant bacteria, without helping to increase the problem. For example, Staphaseptic (see www.staphaseptic.com for more info) healed an open infection almost overnight, after what Neosporin simply kept soft, open and sore for over a week. When you look at the difference between the support information that Neosporin puts on its website (not much info at all), compared to other more healthful brands like Staphaseptic, you can see the difference between a sales pitch and a reason to switch old habits to a newer more healthful treatment.


Bethlehem, PA


Awsome product


This is the coolest stuff.  I get patches of psoriasis on my hands & my skin splits open to look like small paper cuts.  I will put this product on a band aid & wrap it around the affected finger & by the next day or 2 the cuts are gone.  It helps to get rid of the psoriasis a bit also.  I have also used it on the grandkid's mosquito bites & it works wonders.


La Porte, IN


A must have in anyone's first aid kit home or away.


***Quick View:*** **Neosporin Ointment** has been a part of my life since my kids were toddlers. When I was young, good old soap and water cleaned off cuts and scrapes and, if I was unlucky, my mother would pull out the alcohol or peroxide. OUCH! **Neosporin Ointment **is a painless way to make sure scrapes and cuts don't get infected and it aids in healing. No home should be without it!***About ******Neosporin Ointment***This ointment helps to prevent infection due to minor cuts, scrapes, and burns with a trio of medicines in a base of cocoa butter, olive oil, and petroleum. It doesn't have much of a scent and goes on very thick and slightly greasy. I use it on my own cuts and scrapes and I never feel stinging or burning. In fact, the ointment is soothing. I then cover the area with a bandage and healing is fast and painless. I used this on my kids all through the bike riding years, the skateboarding escapades, and their tree climbing adventures. When my husband goes fishing with the boys (OK, technically one is a man at 21) in a remote area of the Adirondacks, he packs very little but he always packs **Neosporin Ointment. **It gives them all a bit of assurance that a little scrape won't turn into a big infection. This product aids in healing, reduces pain, and wards off infections. It's simply a must have!***My Viewpoint***If you don't have **Neosporin Ointment** in the house, go get some! You'll be amazed how often you reach for it. Some people use it on popped pimples and swear it wards off scarring. Others use it on sunburns. It's very versatile but always keep it out of your eyes, of course, and away from kids. This should be in everyone's first aid kit. It is a much better disinfectant than alcohol or peroxide wipes and it has long lasting effects. I have to go with ***5 stars***. It has been a part of our lives for years and I count on it to keep little boo boos from turning into big ones.


The heart of , NY


miracle potion


Several years ago I had been in an accident and my face got cut pretty badly by glass. I thought, I'll be scared for life, but thanks to this particular medecine you barely could even notice now. I think, results always speak for themselves. But it talk several months of diligent applying, twice a day, just like my surgeon prescribed. Thank you, Neosporin, for giving me my life back! It even exceeded my own expectations. 


Rockwall, TX


good stuff I liked it & so did my family.


good good goodI liked it and would recomend it anyone.Try it and if it does not work for you then do not use it.Everyone is diffenrent.Some things work for othersw & not for some other people.If anyone has any other advice let me know.I love to know.


Kings Beach, CA


Store brand half the price


        Neosporin does do what it says it does help in healing but... you can get the same product at nearly every grocery or drug store for half the price . It has exactly the same ingredients and it does exactly the same thing for about half the price So... why pay more?If you just won the Lotto and you have money to throw away throw some this way.        If I can get the same thing for less money I am not going to pay more for it. Some store brands have a different taste or do not work as well but, I have found that this "store brand" works  exactly like the name brand for me.Keeping in mind that it takes a very small amount of this be it store or name brand and unless you have a large cut or injury the tube is going to expire before you use it all.        I have found that the use of a q -tip when applying it will save alot of the ointment that way you do not get you dirty fingers all over the injury.


Salisbury, NC


Don't Leave Home without It


As a busy mom going here there and everywhere (parks, and pools, playdates Oh My!) with two small children under the age of 5 as well as usually meeting up with other mother's and children there are bound to be accidents, cuts, scrapes, stings, bites, burns and hopefully very little blood shed. People may laugh at what I have to have in my purse, but Neosporin is one of the things that I don't leave home without.  Why don't I leave home without Neosporin? One day we go to the park where of course there are cuts and scrapes as one of the children fell on the pavement.  A kiss from Mommy didn't heal this boo-boo but Neosporin and a band aid on the knees did and we didn't even have to leave the park.  Another day while visiting a local strip mall center we stop for ice cream. Opening the door for us, someone actually scrapes the toenail of my daughter causing a cut and bleeding. She is wearing sandal's, after all we do live in Houston.  Do we need to go home? Nope, we simply wash, blow dry and cover with Neosporin and a bad aid.  Overnight. She wakes up the next day and the cut is almost completely healed.  While visiting a bounce house my daughter accidently gets a "burn" on her elbow while sliding down the slide.  You know it's like a rug burn but on plastic?  Wash, dry, Neosporin and band aid and she is back to normal. This one takes a couple more days to heal than some other mishaps but it works.  Neosporin has been applied to sun burns, scrapes, cuts, stings burns and more.  Today my 14 year old applied it to her nose, where the skin from a sunburn was causing pain.   I have 4 children total, and many times there are even more children than that at our playdates.  Knowing I have Neosporin means that my children are cared for, healthy, it cures them quickly and soothes their skin.  Why wouldn't I carry it with me. After applying Neosporin the fun goes one.   


Houston, TX


Neosporin ointment


My family has used Neosporin Ointment since I was a little kid. It was a lot better than the iodine that was used years ago for the same effect. It heals minor cuts and burns faster than any other ointment that I have ever tried and it feels cool and soothing when it is applied. I now use thie Neosporin ointment on my family and get the same results. No terrified look on their faces when I pull out this tube. The price is very affordable and it is easy to find at all your pharmacy sites, whether online or in the retail stores. This unique formula helps wards off infections and is very convenient to use, just straight out of the tube. Very easy and the size of the 0,.5 oz. is just the right size for everyday use.


Rockwall, TX


Neosporin First Aid Antibiotic Ointment

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