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Jenni Bick is a website I keep going back to!


I first found **Jenni Bick Bookbinding** years ago through [FindGift.com][1] , one of my favorite sites for finding unique gifts.  At that time, I was looking for a unique gift for a friend and I found a very cool looking journal.  Subsequently, after shopping the site I got addicted quickly!  I also ended up buying a refillable scrapbook and refill pages. Now it is years later and I still remember the name of this site off the top of my head whenever I am looking for a unique scrapbook or photo album so I thought it was about time I recommend the site to all of you! **What do they sell?** Jenni Bick's website sells some of the most unique scrapbooks, photo albums and journals that I've ever seen.  The main reason I fell in love with them is because of the refillable expandable scrapbooks.  The scrapbooks I picked are not put together with binder rings, they are not put together in any cheap manner at all.  Instead, they are put together with actual screws!  You can add pages, as few or as many as you like.  The pages are not just something you slide into a sleeve.  Nope, the pages actually attach to the scrapbook.  The pages have a small cloth piece that makes them bend with ease and without any fear of tearing.  You'll really have to visit the website to fully understand this because it is hard to explain. Besides that, they also sell a large variety of photo albums and scrapbooks, many which I have been tempted to purchase but have held off because I don't *need* them.  I always keep the site in mind for gifts though as their albums would make great surprises for a wedding or other special occasion. Finally, I also purchased photo corners from them in the past and thought it was a great deal!  They are self-adhesive corners that come in many colors and I used them in gifts I was giving to my family. **The only reason I don't buy more is the prices** Don't get me wrong, the books I have bought are definitely worth the price!  They are very high quality and I have no fear of them being destroyed.  Plus since the pages are removable, I could always fix one page here or there if something does get messed up.  However the scrapbooks, albums and paper can add up!  I just purchased two very cute ribbon tied albums on sale for 18$ each - that's the sale price... normally they are $35 each.  They come with 20 pages to start, but I always buy more just to be ready to expand it.  I purchased these two books because it was a good deal and whenever I have kids I want to make my own baby books.  It is worth it to spend that much for a really nice baby book!  **Customer service is good too!** On this last order I accidentally put something in my cart at the last second that I didn't want.  I emailed them about it right away.  The next day I called them, just to be sure, and they had already taken care of it and just needed to send me the confirmation, which I received seconds after the call.  I know it was my fault for having two windows open to the site at once... but they fixed it quickly and easily with no hassle. **I recommend Jenni Bick for unique albums and scrapbooks for those who want higher quality gifts!  Enjoy!!** [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/FindGift-com-review-310b4

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