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Fish Oil
Jarrow Formulas
Jarrow Formulas Max DHA

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A very important dietary supplement not to overlook!


During my first pregnancy, I worked at [Whole Foods Market][1] , so I learned a lot about vitamins, herbs and dietary supplements.  Omega-3 fish oil is one of the supplements that is highly recommended for pregnant women, so I learned a lot about it.  Now that I'll be trying to get pregnant soon, I have already started taking my fish oil to get in the habit of taking it everyday. There are several beneficial components to fish oil, but DHA is probably one of the most important.  A couple of the things it can do is: promote healthy neurological development in babies, help brain function in the elderly, enhance skin's appearance, help with depression, promotes heart health and the list goes on. Cod liver oil is a very popular supplement, but pregnant women should not take it because of the high levels of vitamin A, which pregnant women should not get very much of.  Pregnant women should take a fish oil made from small fish, like **Jarrow Formulas Max** **DHA, **because it is made from anchovies and sardines.  Each softgel contains 600mg of Omega-3's, and that includes 250mg of DHA. Two common complaints about fish oil are the smell and a common side-effect "burp up".  To my surprise, I have not experienced "burp up" once while taking **Jarrow Formulas Max DHA**.  Yes, the softgels stink a little bit, but once I swallow them, I don't experience any unpleasant side-effects.  Besides, even if they do stink, what you are doing for your growing baby and your own health far outweigh the small downside of their smell. Whether you are pregnant, plan to become pregnant or want to incorporate the very important Omega-3's in your diet, I highly recomment **Jarrow Formulas Max DHA.  **It is a very high-quality product from a well-known company in the industry.   [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Whole-Foods-Alexandria-VA-review-20d96

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Jarrow Formulas Max DHA

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