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Stay as far away as you can from Innisbrook!


If I could give Innisbrook a zero or worse rating, I would. The fall 2014 season was the absolute worst in our school's and Innisbrook's history! Stay away from this company and find someone else. They don't care about their reputation and they don't do anything to make it easier for their customers and fundraising chairpersons! Ease of Use This year, you could not send out any emails getting your customers to easily buy on-line. "Customer service" at first said that was all my fault because I had a "bad" (yahoo?) email address. If you could get an email, you could not get an easy link which gave your school and your child the credit. One "system" glitch after another this year! Product Selection It is not a straight 50% commission. Only gift wrap is 50%. Everything else is about a 40-45% commission. Customer Service Worst possible. Told 3 different stories about when product would ship, due to wanting to avoid melting chocolate. Chocolate was shipped during heat wave in SoCal, and was partly wrong to some coding error at their warehouse. Waited a good month and half to get correct chocolate shipped! Asked to get a discount on our invoice due to all the extreme aggravation. Got 5% off, but should have gotten more. We will never ever do another fundraiser with this company.



Nice products but expensive


I have purchased wrapping paper and other gift supplies from them. Their wrapping paper design is very pretty and the paper is nice quality and thick. However, I feel compelled to only wrap gifts that are going outside the family in this paper as I can't see spending alot of money on wrapping paper of that quality that my 8 year old is just going to rip off and throw away. I also bought some curling ribbon. I needed more items to reduce my shipping costs which is why I bought it. I thought it was about the same price as what I could buy locally, however when I got the curling ribbon, it was about half the amount you would get at your local party store. (The picture online did not make the size obvious). So while the ribbon is high quality, again, how much can you spend on something someone is just going to throw away. The products are nice but expensive. I would recommend you just get a couple nice wrapping paper patterns for wedding and gifts to adults who will appreciate the beauty of the wrappings. But for ribbons, bows, and children's gifts, I would just go to my local party store and get cheap supplies. Also, it is even more expensive when you incorporate the shipping costs.



It's that time of the year again ...


**Where has the year gone?**  Sunrise, sunset, and **BINGO!** the kids are back in school, the trees will begin turning color, and soon a whole fleet of pint-sized entrepreneurs will be out there, selling *Innisbrook wrapping paper* as a fundraising project for their *alma maters* ... and am I glad, because **this Innisbrook stuff is really great**.  While it is a little expensive, this company can be counted on for quality wrapping paper, gift bags, and coordinated bows and tags for every occasion.  The wrapping paper is heavy enough without being too cumbersome to handle and is destined to do justice to the gifts you present to the people you love.  Hand somebody a gift wrapped in Innisbrook paper and usually the first thing they will say is **"WHERE did you get this PAPER?"** I have been buying Innisbrook items from my friends' children for more than a dozen years but since I have retired, I've found an easier way to do it.  Now, without even setting eyes on the little sales rep or looking at the bedraggled book he or she is handing around, I can access the Innisbrook site on my own at home and click on "**SHOP**", which presents me with another screen where I can click on **"Assign Credit"** and enter the code numbers for the child and his or her school.  This way the kid gets credit for whatever I spend on my order.  Let's say the worst has happened and I don't know any child who is selling this year -- I can click on **"Shop without assigning credit"** and still buy whatever I want.  *Innisbrook* sells not only wrapping paraphenalia for both the holidays and general occasions but also a selection of gifts and fine chocolates as well.  The package will be shipped to your home and -- if you want to stock up for the whole year or co-order with a friend and end up with an order of $85 or more -- shipping will be free.  On a **Boo-Hiss!** note, Innisbrook has never gotten with the program when it came to super-sized paper for jumbo gifts or packages of flat folded paper which is ideal for smaller packages BUT nobody's perfect and I'm not taking off a star for that.     

Oak Park, IL



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