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Bagless Upright Vacuums
Hoover WindTunnel Bagless Vacuum

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Great value for the money


I received this vaccum 5 years ago as a wedding present and haven't had a problem with it once. I was unsettled on vaccums and couldn't see spending big bucks on something I wasn't sure I would like. This thing runs like a champ. I have carpet and hardwood in my house and I use it on both. You can adjust the height of the vaccum which is nice then you can go from floor to floor. I like that there are no bags to take out, just open the canister and dump. The filters are easy to clean too. When you start to loose suction just tske thrm out and wash under warm water, air dry and your good to go. Amazing what alittle maintenance will do. I would rather keep my vaccum clean and have it work longer than have to buy a new one all the time. The fact that 5 years and no problems later, I think this vaccum is a great value. It has definitely paid for itself. It isn't the lightest vaccum when it comes to how heavy it is but still manageable for going up and down stairs and pushing along the floor. I would recommend this vacuum to anyone,



hoover good job for the price.


I've had my hoover windtunnel uh40145b vacuum for a little over a year now.I does a decent job considering its not one of hoovers higher end vacuum cleaners.Its easy to store and fits into most medium sizes spaces pretty well.The filter is easy to clean.Jus trinse it with some water,let it air dry and put it back in.The bagless part is also very easy to empty and put back into place.The major down fall of it is that it clogs very easily and very quickly.My son spilled some life cereal all over the carpet and it clogged the hose.So had to clean out the hose and ended up sweeping up th cereal with a broom.It clogs so much that my husband has taken it apart alot.Some much in fact we joke that he could wor for hoover in no time.

Jacksonville, FL


The Hoover Windtunnel is great when you aren't having to de-clog


We love many features of the Hoover Windtunnel such as the green signal light the tells you when that area of the carpet is clean, the HEPA filter which has drastically cut down on my husbands allergies, and the self propel. The only reason I have given it a less than perfect rating is because we have to take the tubing apart about every 3-4 weeks to de-clog. Keep in mind though that we do have to vacuum 2-3 times every day due to our 5 young children.

Colorado Springs, CO


picks up everything


I really enjoy this vaccuum because forone it has a light on it to give you extra visual of what you are vaccuuming before you do incase there is something youd rather not vaccuum and also it doesnt even feel like im pushing it it feels like im really just directing it also it has lights on the front that will indicate when the area you are cleaning is clean (a green light will come on) and also lets you know if the carpet is dirty wher you are vaccuuming ( a red light will appear) I really like the bagged vaccums just because i feel there is really no dust or dirt left in my vaccuum and i also recommend the febreeze vaccuum bags they do a great job of making the room smell great while you are vaccuuming

Fontana, CA


I have not gotten any real use from my Hoover WindTunnelVacuum,


     I was very excited when I purchased my WindTunnel vacuum cleaner because of the compliments I have heard from others.  I have not been able to get any real use from my vacuum cleaner.  It smokes, smells, and does not pick up well.  If I had it to do over, any cheaper model would have done a better job.

High Point, NC


best i ever owned


the hoover wind tunnel  canister vacuum if the best unit i have ever owned.  it is self propelled,works easily and glides over the carpet.  it has attachments that make it easy to clan large areas with the beater head or the small brushes and tools for smaller areas.  the long hoses and long cord make cleaning large  areas very easy.  you can also clean hard floors when you shut off the beater head on the machine.  the unit easily glides over carpet and hard surface floors.  using the extended pole and attachments to clean up high is very easy.  when the indicator moves to red it          is time to change the bag.

Plano, TX


Hoover WindTunnel Bagless Vacuum

3.8 6