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Bagless Upright Vacuums
Hoover Nano-Lite Compact Bagless Vacuum

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I'm really surprised at how well this vacuum performs. It amazes me how much it is able to sweep up. I think it's a great little vacuum for the price. I wouldn't use it in a big house with wall-to-wall carpet though, because the dirt cup fills up fast. Maneuverability It maneuvers around fine enough. The cord is really short though, so you can't go too far without having to switch outlets. Ease of Maintenance It's easy to empty out the dirt cup, however when you have to clean out the filter, the top lid is a bit tricky to get back on right. Suction Performance When all the filters are clean and the dirt cup is clean, this vacuum works out great. However, if your filter is dirty, you definitely lose suction. Versatility It's really only good for carpet despite its option to use on bare floors. I haven't had any success with using it on bare floors. Design The access to the filter is kind of a pain to get to. Durability So far so good! We've only had it for about a year, but it's still working out great!


Lancaster, OH


Great vacuum for the price....


My old vacuum quit one day and I needed a new one fast... I went online and looked at prices and at reviews. This one actually had great reviews for the size of it and price. I decided to give it a try and I am glad I did. I have had it now over a year and it still works like it was new. Bagless and easy to clean. Lightweight, and even my kids can drag it around house for vacuuming- no more excuses for them! If you do not need anything fancy, but a good vacuum for the price - this is it! Cleans well and as it is small easy to use on stairs also.


Salt Lake City, UT


Hoover get the job done


I bought this Hoover because it was reasonably priced and I've found that it does a reasonable job. After about 3 weeks I noticed that the suction had gone down quite a bit and I called the customer service. After waiting on hold for a while (5 minutes I think) I talked to a very kind lady who guided me through my clogged hose. I was amazed at the junk stuck in there (and that I'd been living in that mess). It is fairly easy to clean & I love that it is bagless. I feel like the extra effort (with the filter & cleaning the filter) is totally worth it not to have to replace bags all the time.


Herriman, UT


I love my Hoover Nano-Lite Vacuum


I have had this vacuum for over a year now and I love it! It works great at getting the dirt and hair out of my carpet. I also have a very small apartment, so the handle going down helps me to store the vacuum easier as well. I also like how the filter snaps off the back of the canister so that you can thoroughly clean it. I will say that I have had to replace the belt once on the vacuum cleaner, but the process didn't take me very long, and I (a female :) ) was able to do it without a problem. I also like how the hoses hook to the intake. This means there's no straining to jerk the hose out to use the handheld accessories. I like this because it makes it easy to hook in the attachments. It is also nice that the brush adapter hooks on so you don't have to worry about it falling off.


Valparaiso, IN




The Hoover Nanolite Upright Vacuum Cleaner is the best vacuum I have had in a very long time. It is well worth the money I paid for it and was luck to catch it on sale. I love the way you can easily snap out the compartments to get out dirt & clean filter. It is so easy to handle. I also love thes attachments: hose, brush and other parts. On other upright vacuums they are usually hanging off and you are tripping over them but with the Nanolite the attachments stay closely attached w/ the vac. Not to mention when they said the word "lite" this vacuum is just that very lite weight. I WOULD NOT GIVE MINE UP FOR ANYTHING IN THE WORLD.


Charlottesville, VA


Nano is a great little vaccuum!


We bought this Hoover Nano bagless vacuum to replace our cordless Shark stick vacuum. Our main use for this vacuum is for our kitchen tiles and on our hardwood floors, but I have found it works very well on our rugs too. I was pleasantly surprised to see how much power this little vacuum has! It put our Shark stick vacuum to shame. I like that it is bagless and you can easily clean out the canister. I do not use the accessories much, but the few times I did, I found they worked just fine. Some reviewers have complained that the power cord is not long enough and the hose is too short as well. I didn't find either to be the case. Both are long enough to be fully functional. The only two negatives I have found are that the vacuum is very loud. And, it does not do well around edges and corners. You'd have to use the attachments. Otherwise, a very good product at a great price! Maneuverability light and easy to maneuver Ease of Maintenance simple to clean, but you have to do it frequently Suction Performance not super powerful, but gets thejob done. Especially good on hardwood floors or tile Versatility lots of great features and attachments


Lindenhurst, NY


Don't waste your money


Does not pick up pet hair at all!!! Works ok for first month. Would be good if you lived in a small apartment by yourself with no animals. Hoover nano lite upright bagless vacuum is cheap but invest in something better!


Newport Beach, CA


The best I've found so far


I've been through a few small vacuums, and this is the best for me so far. I have hardwood throughout with rugs, and it's great that I can go from the wood to carpet with the touch of a button. Could use a bit more suction, but does the job. The only reason I gave it four stars instead of five is that the hose could be longer, as could the attachment for doing baseboards. But all in all a great little 'go to' vacuum. And no bags to deal with is a big plus.


Sheldon, IL


The Hoover Nanolite Vaccum is easy to use.


This vaccuum is incredibly easy to use, and not terribly loud. It is not silent, though. It works great on hard wood floors, but sometimes doesn't work on carpet. It gets to where you have to go over the same spot several times to work. It still vacuums the dust and ect., just not hair or dog/cat fur. The price of this was very reasonable as well. I was surprised at the quality. I also love that you do not have to put new vacuum bags in, you just empty the collecting area. The vacuum also has very handy tips which you can add to the hose which are very useful for leaning nooks and crannies and even dollhouse or other childrens toys. My kids like to use it on their Littlest Pet Shop playsets' rooms. It zooms up all the accumulated dust and hair. The cord is not the best, however. I hate the way the cord comes out at the bottom. It always gets tangled. That is one of the only cons. Great overall, though!


Springfield, MO


Hoover Nanolite - Great Small Vacuum


This small vacuum works great for its small size. The smaller size is great if you are tight on space, or don't have alot of storage room or closet space. Mine is bright green and blue, so it is colorful and stylish, and it fits in the bathroom cabinet in our RV. Although it is small, the handle lifts higher (it lifts to be the same height as a regular vacuum) so that you don't have to bend over to vacuum. It comes with several brush ends that are helpful for dusting or for getting into small crevices, and it has two settings: hard floor and carpet. It sucks up almost everything (even hair) on the floor the first time it rolls over it. One of the best things about the Hoover Nanolite Vacuum is that it also has an easy-to-clean canister that can be dumped in the trash or outside. All of the filter covers that go inside the canister and in front of the canister can be easily removed and brushed off, shaken off, or washed off. This way you can clean out all of the particles easily so that your vacuum will work at its best. Overall i think this is a good value for a small no-fuss vacuum. 


League City, TX


Hoover Nano-Lite Compact Bagless Vacuum

4.2 33