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Bagless Upright Vacuums
Hoover Fusion Plus Cyclonic Bagless Vacuum

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Good buy when you don't want to spend money on Dyson.


I'll admit, I wanted the Dyson, but I didn't want to spend the money on the Dyson.  I bought this instead and, as it turns out, have been quite pleased with it.  It's got the power and the cyclonic action keeps it from clogging unlike my previous vacuum.The attachments are all you'd need.  It empties easy.  In the 1.5 years I've owned, only once have a popped a few panels apart and washed a couple of filters.  At that time, I had not noticed any loss of power, I just thought it would be good to do... like changing the oil on my car.The big con... it's heavy.  It's not really a big deal when you're pushing it around, but you'll notice it when you need to lift it or carry it.  It weighs about 25 pounds.  For most folks, inluding myself, this isn't a terrible big issue.  I did notice there are several, unakward ways to pick it up.. that helps.All cyclonic vacuums have been heavy.  I noticed that Dyson has come out with some lighter models now, so it won't be long when these moderately priced models do the same.Give this model good consideration.

Louisville, KY


Fusion- is a great choice!!!


The Hoover Fusion Plus Cyclonic Upright Vacuum is a great choice!  This is the third vacuum my husband and I have bought in the nine years we have been married and it is by far the best! We were looking for a vacuum that would get rid of massive amounts of pet hair and this one did the trick!  At the time of the purchase we had two cats and one super sheddy dog.  Not only did we use the vacuum on the carpets but we also used the handy attachments on the the furniture and the curtains.  After buying the Hoover Fusion my allergies have improved, not as much dust and pet dander flying around. :) This vacuum is even light weight enough that it doesn't bother me to carry it upstairs to vacuum the carpets in the bed room.  The noise doesn't bother me either.  I can use this vacuum while the kiddos are napping and no one wakes up.  (That is the best reason in my book!) The only thing I don't like about this vacuum is that it is bagless and can be a pain to change, especially when we don't follow the directions and fill it up too much!

Springfield, IL


don't buy this vacuum


This hoover is made so cheap. The wheels under the front break with no stress and the vacuum tore up my floor making grooves in my floor. The whole thing is cheap plastic. I called hoover 5 times and am still waiting for them to respond.

Overland Park, KS


Worth every penny!!!


I LOVE this vacumn!!! It is just as good as any Dyson out there(I've had a Dyson) and it doesn't cost nearly as much! My mom loved it so much that she took mine from me and I had to get another one! I would recommend this to everyone!!!! Best vacumn I've ever used

Marietta, GA


Hoover Fusion Plus Cyclonic Bagless Vacuum

3.5 4