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Honeywell Tower Fan

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Honewell Tower Fan


We have owned our Honeywell Tower Fan for the past five or six years. It has been reliable; during that time, we have not really experienced any major issues. We tend to use it during the hotter summer months, so it's not being utilized heavily throughout the year. I definitely appreciate the small footprint of this particular fan. It can be inconvenient to try and place a box fan around our place, but this tower fan pretty much goes anywhere we need it to go. I also appreciate the oscillation, although it would be nice if it could rotate a bit further. The fan isn't as powerful as the box style, but since it reaches a higher area than those fans, we have found that this has worked well for our needs.

San Diego, CA


fan works great for our baby's room


We bought this Honeywell tower fan from Walmart when we were expecting our firstborn.  We heard that fans help reduce SIDS risk, and wanted something to circulate the air in his room.  The fan has been great.  It is sleek, not too ugly, and has held up very well as we've used it almost every night that he has slept in his room.  The fan has 3 speed controls (buttons on the top).  The buttons can be pushed with very minimal noise so as not to wake him up!  There is a fourth button on the top to oscillate the fan.  What I really love about this fan is that it doesn't take up much room, is very sturdy, and is high enough to circulate air into his crib above the bumpers without having to prop it up on anything.  The fan is quiet, but has enough noise to be able to create "white noise" for him to sleep.  In our small house it is important to be able to cover up noise.  This fan has held up well and was very inexpensive.

West Chester, PA


stylish and cool 4 cooling


I gave the Honeywell fan above average because of the cool design of the fan. I alwasy thought fans were mostly big, huge and such ugly decor for a room. This fan is stylish and still performs the other functions of an avergae fan. It blows out cool air, it circulates though-out the room, is has oscillating function, timer, and three different settings. I dont have a need for the timer, but some other people may find a need for it. It fits into a room perfectly. It doesnt take up a lot of room, it can fit anywhere in a room. Its not bulky or ulgy, or in the way. It brings style to a room and makes the room still look good and pleasant while still doing it's job. The design of the fan is slender so it does tend to take away from the limit of air flow. Bigger, round fans will blow out air in a wide distance but this limits that distance. As far as distance outward, there isnt any difference with this fan from the others. The air that is blown out is cool air and not hot. I have used this fan on days where it was in the 90s and it worked well in blowing out cool air.

Chapel Hill, NC


Broke within a month


I have always been a fan of tower fans, no pun intended.  We needed something small and not too terribly expensive for our bedroom.  I like the tower fans because I think they are quieter and create a less "blow me away" feeling.  So the Honeywell EFY041 Tower Fan seemed like a great choice.  It offered a timer, variable speeds and didn't take up too much space.  It also wasn't too terrible to put together. And it worked perfectly for about three weeks. After about three weeks, we started noticing a funny noise and now, a month later, when you turn on the fan, it sounds like a machine gun is going off in the bedroom. It is impossible to sleep with.  Upon further investigation, there is clearly something gone wrong with the motor.  Granted we used this fan nearly every evening but there is no reason it should be breaking quite this soon. I will be attempting to return the fan this weekend and will not be replacing it with another.  I would not recommend this fan.

Knightdale, NC


I love this versatile Honeywell tower fan! Fits everywere.


I can't remember what prompted us to buy this fan except that it was on sale and seemed like exceptionally good value.  Now, I can't imagine living without it!  It's been in every room in the house AND an outdoor craft show.  I love the fact that it will blow in one direction or oscillate.  It is lightweight and SO EASY to relocate.  It was great when I was cleaning out the garage (I live in Florida) -- really kept the air circulating.  Even though we have two ceiling fans on our covered patio, using the Honeywell fan on oscillate almost makes you feel like you are enjoying ocean breezes.  Now, if someone would just bring the margaritas!

Saint Johns, FL


Excellent value for small living spaces


This fan is perfect for apartments and townhouses.  The circulated air can be felt over 14 feet away, even on the lowest setting.  The base of the fan can be assembled in under 10 minutes and the product occupies a limited space.  This enables the user to place the fan in almost any place in a room.  It is extremely quiet also has the capability to rotate back and forth, increasing the circulation of the air.  I would definitely recommend this fan.

Middletown, DE


Honeywell Tower Fan

3.8 6