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Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan

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Many years later..still going strong!


We had a heat wave a few years ago and in desperation spent more for a fan than we wanted to at the time. Shelves were near empty and there was a display of the Honeywell Tower fans. So we picked it up. I love this fan..we use it every night in our bedroom (for white noise) and although about every season I take it outside w/ my husbands compressor and dust blow it out, it works like the day we bought it. Circulates an avergae size room well! It makes enough noise for some white noise, but it is a smooth sound. The remote is handy also!


Gig Harbor, WA


Does great on our patio


Honestly  the only reason we purchased this fan was because we got it on sale, otherwise I would have never thought about it because its kind of pricey.  We have a decent sized covered patio in our yard and love sitting outside to relax.  The problem is living in the south the heat (& bugs) only allow you to enjoy that for a short time before you want to go running inside for the A/C.  This fan has done a wonderful job of helping with that and its fairly quiet in my opinion.  The different settings accomodate both of us depending on if its the dead heat of the day or later in the evening.  It oscilates at a pretty good speed, helping circulate the air.  This also helps keep the mosquitos at bay (along with some other repellants).  So yes I would recommend it but I would probably wait for a sale if you are cost concious.


La Place, LA




was packed well & arrived well. The assembly was not too difficult. The directions say it keeps the last setting (speed & rotation) in memory but I havent found that to be true, but not a big deal. It does circulate the air well. Like other people who have purchased it, I also dont care for the breeze mode...it flexuates the speed & is a bit annoying so I just dont use that mode. The remote fits nicely on top of the fan. It doesnt seem to be overly loud either as we have it in our living room & are able to hear the tv w/ the fan on. The timer mode is handy also as you can set it to go off after a certain amount of time. Also it tells you the temprature of the room which is a nice feature. I like this fan!!


Fort Lauderdale, FL


Very effective


I really like how versaile this fan is. It is large and powerful enough to cool a decent sized room, but because of its tall and skinny design it can be placed anywhere in a very discreet manner. At the same time, I feel like that makes it slightly top-heavy and prone to tipping over, especially if bumped. All the different fan settings are really nice, it allows me to customize the fan's function for a variety of climates depending on the time of year. I thought this fan was a bit expensive, but if I had been able to find it on sale it would have been a good deal. Overall, still a great value, and comparable with others in this price range. I use this fan all summer to keep me cool and comfortable, and it is great!


Beaverton, OR


Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan is popular!


The **Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan** is pretty popular with my coworkers. We have this in my workplace! My job place for some reason does not have its air conditioning turned on most of the time, so my coworkers and I have to use fans to keep ourselves cool. This tower fan rotates so it gives everyone in the vicinity a chance to take a breeze! It cools from the bottom of our legs to the top of our shoulders, depending on where you are standing. It has a very nice, stylish design and it looks like it can last a long time. It is sturdy and can stand up by itself. One of my coworkers accidently knocked over it once, but fortunately it still works, although it makes a very weird sound. It still rotates so that is a plus!


San Diego, CA


Works well and easy on the eyes


My husband and I bought the honeywell fresh breeze tower fan after a co-worker of mine recommended it to me. She said it worked really well for her family, and I trusted her opinion because she is someone who is always temperature warm, and always needs to have the air on, be in a pool, or have a fan sitting in front of her desk. I She literally always has a fan with her. I believe she carries a mini portable one in her purse and I've often seen her pull it out during meetings to cool herself off. Based off of that, and on the fact that the reviews out there for this product were really good, and the fact that I strongly preferred a functional yet aesthetically pleasing fan, we bought the fan. I've been very pleased with the purchase. We've used it for the last 4 years, and it is still going strong. I love how there are multiple level settings + oscillation option. I love how the fan has a thermostat that reads the room temperature, and how it has a remote control--so we can turn it on and off from our bed. I love the look of it, as it can be tucked away to the side of the room, and does not stick out like a sore thumb. I should say my husband is also really pleased with it, which is more important--since he is the one who is more particular about fans (since he has to sleep with one on every single night). Only con--it is a little bit of a pain to clean the filter out.


Yorba Linda, CA


the Fresh breeze fan colls great


This fan is your relatively normal house fan.  We use one in our bedroom and the same type in out living room.  The liveing room is a larger space tahn the bedroom, but the fan cools well in bith areas.  For the living room, we use the iscilation feature, in the bedroom, we blow straight ahead.  The one thing that I think is very important for any product is how long that products last.  We have had other fans that have died after one season of use- which is not even on all the time bease the fans are only turned on when we are in the room. These fans are now on thier second season.  We just used out living room fan for the forst time this spring/ summer and it works swimmingly.  Our bedroom fan is used every night even in the winter beacuse we like the noise.  both fans work great and the take up less room because they are towers.  The tower fans also blow lower to the ground, do they seem better for my animals. I would reccomend this brand to anyone and I definately would buy this fan again.


Racine, WI


Pretty typical fan


Honeywell Fresh Breeze tower fan has plenty of really outstanding options to it that make it appear to be very useful. However, none of these options really seem to work! The fan has three different power sets, depending on how cool the room already is and what kind of setting you want to be in. It also has a temperature control setting, which does NOT work at all. You have the option of setting the temperature to whatever you want, but it can't seem to get any lower than 75 in my warm Florida room. It also has the oscolation feature, which is standard on any fan, so it's not that noticeable compared to any other similar product. So let's no go jumping out of our seats about, as it is pretty typical - though the box likes to suggest otherwise. One great thing about it is that it has a remote control for the person in bed or busy doing something at the other end of the room. It has a flashlight on it, but unfortunately, the flashlight only points out at the fan, so you can't actually use it in the dark to find the buttons on it. Overall, a pretty normal fan, but it's cute!


Orlando, FL


The Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan is the best fan ever.


The Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan is the greatest!  Because it is so tall, it covers a larger area and it oscilllates, so even more area is covered.  The force of the fan is good and very cooling.  Even if you have central air conditioning, you could use the Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan to cut down on electrical use and air conditioning costs.


Harrison Township, MI


Small and convenient!


This fan, the **Honeywell Fresh Breeze tower fan** is one of the most creative ideas that I have seen to date. It is very small, so I am able to put it in many different places that are convenient for me. Also, it does a great job of keeping the room it is in cool, which is a big plus. It is probably the greatest of it's own type around!


Naperville, IL


Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan

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