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Harrington's of Vermont

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I would definitely not buy this ham again


Really just awful all around. Product not as described. Customer service unwilling to resolve. Order with caution.

Durham, NC

Harringtons of Vermont Ham is Delicious


I got a gift of Harrington's products last year from a co worker of mine. it was a ham and some cheese as well. It was so good that I decided to order a few items this year for a gift. Harrington's of Vermont has a nice selection of hams, cheeses and other food items. They also carry Vermont Maple Syrup and breakfast gifts, turkeys, bacon, and desserts. The website is very well designed with each category listed. They also carry brisket, salmon and other fish as well. My order came right on time and the delivery was very fast. The ham was very good, tender and juicy and the flavor was divine. I have not tried the fish but the salmon may be the next item I order. You can schedule your order to arrive during the holidays if you wish. I plan on ordering from them again this year for gifts for my UPS and mail men. The website is easy to use and the product selection is large. The prices are about what I expected them to be. I recommend this site if you are looking for a gift that tastes good!

New Egypt, NJ


Summarize this product in one sentence.


Received a gift for the holiday's and when I opened the box the Italian Style Suprimo was room temperature. I called the company and indicated it wasn't kept cold so I was concerned about eating this. The representative was very unhelpful and his attitude gave me the impression I was lying. I asked if they could reship but put a couple extra chill packs in the box but they would not. He said it was shipped per their usual process. I offered to send back the item in exchange but he said they cannot accept returned food. They offered to send out another but would not guarantee it would arrive at a safe temperature and if it didn't, they would not refund. How can a company ship a meat and cheese product and not stand behind it if the "usual" process doesn't keep the item at a safe temperature?? Will never order again. The gift sender thought they would give the company a call and got the exact same treatment. She felt she was being accused of trying to steal a suprimo roll. This company shouldn't be permitted to sell food.



Delicious ham and cheeses shipped right to your door on time


I got an offer to try out Harrington's this year back in the fall. Harrington's of Vermont featured hams, cheeses and a variety of other gourmet food products. When my order arrived Christmas week (just as scheduled), I'd about forgotten that I'd made the early holiday order but was excited to get the ham, white cheddar cheese, and smoked bacon. You can, of course, order them to come right on the spot, but there were also options to have the package or packages arrive right before a holiday which is what I did. We fried up the bacon right away and saved the ham and cheese for New Year's dinner at my Mom's house. All three products were excellent. The bacon was a little thicker and had more flavor than grocery bacon, the white cheddar was nice a smooth with a slight nip, and the ham was just absolutely fabulous. Actually, the company is known for the hams, and I can see why. I'd have to say it's the best ham I've ever had. Harrington's of Vermont was spot on from start to finish, and I would not hesitate to order again or to recommend them to a friend or to use them to send out gifts. It was easy to order, the package came right when I asked and was packed very nicely, and then the food did stand out and was better than similar products here in town.  

southern, NC


Harrington's of Vermont

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