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Hamilton Beach
Hamilton Beach Proctor Silex K4077 Cordless Electric Kettle

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This electric kettle works very well


I've had this kettle for about a week and a half and am quickly getting addicted to hot drinks! This kettle works very well. The kettle itself is cordless--the base plugs in, but the kettle separates completely from the base. This is a very nice feature, because it means you don't have to worry about getting water all over the plug, or about the cord trailing all over as you pour. I also like the fact that amounts of water are marked in volume and in terms of cups on a clear panel in the side. The kettle heats up very quickly--a full kettle of water (1.7 liters) takes about 5 minutes to come to a boil. That said, this kettle isn't perfect. The cord could be a little longer. Also, the minimum water level that the kettle requires is too much for one person. It's about five cups. If you drink with other people, you won't care, but I tend to want just one cup of something when I'm studying at night.

Notre Dame, IN


The Hamilton Beach Proctor Silex Electric Kettle is great!


I love this electric kettle so much!  The fact that it is cordless is great and makes it easy to use quickly in the kitchen.  The look of the kettle is very stylish and does not take up too much space.  Its fair early to clean when calcium builds up inside, however, the build up on the heating lines are more difficult to clean so that is why I did not give it the full five stars.  I also wish that it would heat up a little faster when you fill it up to the maximum line, but I can just click on the switch and do other things while I wait.  The kettle itself does not get too hot (I have had this happen with other electric kettles) and so far I have had it for 2 years and it works great every time.  Also the price is very affordable! So, even if it did break I could easily replace it without breaking the bank!  Say good-bye to all those slow stove top kettles, this is definitely the one for you!   

Fullerton, CA


Proctor Silex K4077 could have used a bit more design time


The Proctor Silex 1.7 Liter Cordless Electric Durable Kettle was purchased as a replacement for the electric kettle that had done service for many, many years without fail.  It is an attractive kettle; offered in black and white, with easily readable fluid amounts and minimum/maximum fill levels.  It certainly makes a nice addition to my countertop and it does indeed work as advertised, promptly heating up to 11 cups of water, cordless and with a safety shutoff (my biggest need!  I have a history of forgetting and melting teapots!).  The lid is readily opened for filling and cleaning.  I would still have to add it to my disappointment list due to a number of design features however.    -          The "foot"/heater element that the pot mates to is tall (a few inches) and you must be lined up just right or it won't mate as it's square. -          The "on" light is pretty much useless.  Small, inset into the top of the handle (where the ON switch *should* be!) it is so poorly lit that seeing it in daylight is virtually impossible. -          The  on *switch* is located at the *bottom* of the handle which is less than ergonomically pleasing for me, but more importantly it does NOT switch off if the pot is elevated, only if the water has boiled.  I would prefer that it go off if/when I pick the pot up off it's base.

Arlington, WA


Hamilton Beach Proctor Silex K4077 Cordless Electric Kettle

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