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HP LaserJet 1200 InkJet Printer

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The HP 1220 is great!!


This is a nice little All-in-one that prints, copies, and scans.  It doesn't take up too much space, and I have not had any problems with it.  I mainly use it for basic printing but have used it for photos, scanning and copying without any problems.   It interfaces nicely with my fax software, so it does it all!!

Camby, IN


Great printer for the price.


The HP 1200 laser printer is easy to use, prints crisp and clean, and lasts.  I purchased mine about 6 years ago while I was earning my Bachelor's degree.  My husband and I used it to print several term papers and multiple assignment.  My children use it to print out their homework, essays, and papers.  I also have a business that requires multiple page receipts and records to be included with purchase.  My husband took this printer to school with him when he taught 4, 5, 6 grade Science and printed his classroom assignments on it as well.  We do not print out as much as a large business, but we do print quite a bit every day.  In the 6 years I have owned my printer, I have only changed the toner cartridge 3 times.  The pages are always sharp and easy to read, it prints pretty fast for a laser printer, and as we have moved it 10 times since purchase, we know it is very durable.  We have been very impressed with this printer, so much so that when we needed to upgrad to a color printer, we purchased a HP color laser printer. 

Hermiston, OR


Laser printers, like the HP 1200 Laserjet, are awesome!


First of all the title of this product is wrong.  I'm reviewing the HP 1200 Laserjet Printer.  It is not an inkjet.  The HP inkjet 1200 is the HP PSC 1200 which we also own. We got this printer used at a garage sale over two years ago and it's still running strong on the toner that came with it.  The standard toner cartridge for this printer lasts for at least 3000 pages!  You can even buy toner cartridges for this printer that will last for about 7000 prints.  I think this printer belongs in the "prosumer" category where it's great for a small business/home office or even just as a family printer.  The text quality and even black and white image quality is excellent.  At least it's excellent compared with my previous inkjet laden experience. The downsides are that, while it works fine with Macs generally,'s coupon printer never worked printing to the laser while it worked fine on the HP PSC 1200 inkjet.  I don't know why.  Additionally, I'm not sure if this is a downside/neutral/upside of this printer but it can't print color, it's only black and white / grayscale.  Finally downside is it doesn't have a power button, we have it plugged into a power strip and use that power button. Bottomline:  It has been a solid black and white workhorse laser printer for use.  We haven't had problems with jamming, but I have seen issues with it jamming at a former workplace.

Kansas City, KS


HP LaserJet 1200 InkJet Printer

4.7 3