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Kodak ESP 7250 Printer

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Great all in one printer!


Overall I have been very pleased with my Kodak all in one ESP 7250 printer. It prints awesome pictures! The cost of the ink is wonderful considering what I had been paying for my other inkjet printer ink cartridges. It is very easy to use and I love that it has SD slots in the front so you can by pass your computer completely if necessary. It does and excellent job copying and does it quickly. My only complaint is that when one of the ink cartridges gets real low or is out you still can't keep printing. I do alot of black ink printing and if my color gets low it shuts you off from printing totally.


Garden City, MO


Cartridges run out faster than expected, but printing OK


The printing is adequate, but sometimes the color cartridges don't seem to work and the printing is dark and not colorful. I bought a Kodak printer because the cartridges are cheaper, but that also means they run out faster and I am constantly buying new ones. So I'm not sure cheaper cartridges are a good thing. So , while it does a satisfactory printing job, there is a lot of room for improvement in quality and amount of ink in a cartridge.


San Bernardino, CA


user friendly printer


If you are not a person who is very techy, then this is the printer for you to get. I like it because it was so easy for me to learn to use. The quality of the pictures that it makes is also very nice. It is not hard for me to load the paper into the printer when it is in need for a refill. The color quality is pretty good as well. I wish that i could have a way to make the color ink last longer because it seems like it gets used very quickly. The printer is large, but it is sturdy and it stays put which is great around kids. The pictures can be printed in a few different sizes for my convenience. The pictures come out very fast and i am able to plug in my camera and have the pictures in a few seconds. This printer is great!


Pine Lake, GA


Super Value Printer


Bought this to save money on ink Great quality 4x6 prints. Low ink costs, but ink indicator says you have ink when you are so low that your color is washed out. Over all a very, very good printer. Easy to change ink cartridges. Wireless is trouble free and an easy set up. Wish it had built in fax.


Millerton, PA




i have read many reviews on this printer some good some bad..but im here to tell you for a just a printer of pictures and of black n white letters.this is a awsum printer for the money i had used canon all my life of taking pictures to print and with canon indivisual color tanks i always thought to be the printer until it started costing me 20.00 for each seperate take meaning to fill printer was always 120.00 now for just 30.00 i can fill kodaks printer and u can also get a huge black tank if u do alot document printing and as for picture printing its awsum i guess u should expect that from the company who invented cameras..so im here to tell you these kodaks priters do all they say they do...and kodak is always read to help if u need them...this was so simple to use wireless i let my 7 year old grandchild hook the printer to our router.....u cant loose with these printers and this paticular printer meets all my needs entirely


University Park, PA


Great printer, cheap ink


Printer manufactures are constantly tricking consumers into spending more money in the long term. I hate how an ink cartridge costs half of what a new printer costs. I am glad that Kodak decided to do something about it by making their ink a lot more affordable than their competitors. The next great think they did was make the Kodak ESP 7250 Printer. I love the fact that its an all in one that does all its functions superbly. Nothing worse than buying an all in one and noticing that it really sucks at some of those functions. Because its made by Kodak you can pretty much guarantee that the photo print quality is going to be stunning, and you are 100% correct. The wireless functionality of the Kodak ESP 7250 Printer is also a huge bonus. My household only has laptops now and having to hook one up to a printer to print is just unacceptable. The Kodak ESP 7250 Printer gets an A+ in my book for doing it all while saving money over other printers out there.


Washington, PA


this kodak esp printer is awesome


Before I decided to buy this amazing printing machine I had to do a little research and what I found is that everyone sais it was the best printer in the world that you could buy on earth with any amount of currency. I actually had an older version of this printer also and I can see it was better than any other printer that existed because I got to do a test on all printers that were out at the time and for the price and for the use of it i was looking for, for casual at home use, this seems to be the best bet. So including that and all the research I did I decided to buy this printer and realized it was not only the greatest printer that ever existed in the entire whole world but that it was the greatest machine of any type of electronic that has ever existed ever. I know that's my own opinion but I really do think it is a great printer for the cost and I would do anything to keep with me


Tampa, FL


Kodak ESP 7250 Printer the only one for me!


Two years ago my husband and I were getting ready to be married and needed to find a printer that could not only handle printing 125 (3 page) programs but also a printer that wouldn't kill us on ink use and cost.  We stumbled upon the Kodak ESP and haven't looked back.   This printer was extremely easy to set up.  Since it has wireless capabilities we no longer have to run to the office and hook up our laptops to print anything off.  We were able to print all of our programs with only one ink cartridge.  When we were done we were pleased to find a local discount store carried both the color and black and white for 20.00.  Who could beat that?  This printer has an excellent print quality and is rather fast.   Kodak has not disappointed at all with this product and I am extremely happy with it and love it so much that I have recommended this printer to my father.  Thanks Kodak   Keep up the good work!


Knoxville, TN


Great bang for the buck.


I have had the Kodak ESP 7250 for close to a year now. Over the years I have owned several mid-range HPs Canons and Epsons.and this keeps up with the best of them. To the reviewer that stated there is no paper catch - I have no idea what he/she was saying as there certainly is one.  Ink Costs: If you do a lot of printing there is an XL cartridge for black ink that gives you almost twice the capacity. Even if not, the smaller, less expensive ink cartridges that Kodak sells work out cheaper when compared to other brands such as HP or Epson or Canon on a per page cost. The fact you might run out of ink and have to change it more frequently is such a negligible issue because the cartridges are so easy to switch out and in. The cheaper cost makes it easy to keep one or two spare cartridges at home so you won't run out and not have a spare. Of use are the memory card slots on the front right hand side of the printer so that you do not have to boot up your computer every time you want to print a photo. Scanning/Copy function - I use the printer a lot for scanning and copies.. It does a great job and the Kodak software is extremely intuitive and easy to use. As a matter of fact it is probably has the easiest user interface of any all-in-one I have used to date.  Software/Firmware Updates: I have it set up so that the printer checks for software/firmware updates automatically. I have had to do both a couple of times and it was really easy. Nice feature. Connectivity: The connectivity choices on the printer of USB, Ethernet or Wi-Fi make this a very versatile printer for the average user in that it gives you major choice in terms of access. I use it as a wireless printer with no problems and set up could not have been easier. Photo quality: The photo quality is certainly acceptable for anything up to 81/2 x 11 inch prints as long as you use photo paper. I have tried several brands of photo paper with the printer and, as with their competition, the best photos come from keeping it 'all-in-the-family.' (meaning Kodak printer-Kodak ink-Kodak Paper) But that also holds true with HP, Canon and Epson. However when using other brands of photo paper the color range has been closer to the Kodak paper than tests I have done with Epsons, Canons and HPs - a huge plus.  Two-Sided Printing: The Kodak's auto-duplexing feature is wonderful. My only complaint is that one cannot make it a default setting but rather has to choose this every time they print. Hopefully Kodak will fix this in a future software update.   Paper storage: You can keep photo paper (4x6 or 5x7) in the upper tray and regular (or photo paper) in the lower tray. Printer seems to autosense what type of paper it is (although I would double check when printing. My only issue with this is that the lower paper tray does not hold that much paper. Also - when printing photos on photo paper neither tray has an indicator that you need to insert the print side down. A small pictogram might be helpful. Overall I give this printer a 4.75 and highly recommend it.


Lenox, MA


kodak printer would not connect


I bought this printer because it was wireless and I thought it would be great for my laptop, Well I tried multiple times to connect it to my wireless network (even in the same room as my router) and it still could not connect. Needless to say I was dissapointed


Lexington, SC


Kodak ESP 7250 Printer

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