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HP Deskjet 842c InkJet Printer

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hp printer okie dokie product!


i have owned this product for about 2 years now. after my significant other and i had moved into our first apartment together and began to move our belongings in, my other had some of his thigs stored at his daughters house. the day we moved in she was more than happy to travel the 2 and 1/2 hours it took to get to our place from her home, to bring him his things. one of the things he had stored at her house was his computer. we knew that our printer was old and outdated and that we were going to have to make a purchase for a new one, but to ur surprise his daughter had pirchase a new 4 in one printer for her home office and was willing to surprise us by sending her 842n c hp printer up with oputr computer knowing that we needed one. we have been using it for two years now and have not had a problem with it. the ink color is a great quality and leaves a great finish on the paper. i would definately reccommend this printer for someone just starting out in a home office. for a fast paced office i wouldnt reccomment this printer because i has a tendency to print a little slower than that of other printers but the clear print and quality definately make up for the wait.

Philadelphia, PA


DeskJet42 is an outstanding printer


I have had Hewlett Packard DeskJet 842C for over seven years and it is the most reliable printer that we have had in our house.  How I came to buy this printer where I used to work I had the same exact one and it performed well at my job so I figured I should buy the same exact one for home use.  It has outlasted other printers that my two youngest adults had such as a Dell Printers and Epson.  The cartridges are a bit pricey but they do last longer than the print cartridges my children have for their printers.  Also I have learned to use just black ink cartridges to cut down on saving money.  I have never had to repair the printer in the years that I have had it. The ink for the printer never smudges on the paper.  When I use to use the color cartridges the color was excellent.  No matter what paper that I purchase for the printer I have never had a problem.  If this printer would no longer work I would again consider buying another Hewlett Packard but I would still miss my old printer.  I would recommend this brand printer to my friends.

Bainbridge, NY


Think print work was done at a store, nope, It's a HP Deskjet


This is my second HP printer I have received.  By far, my older model printer is by far still running as well and performing as well as the day I got her!  The particular model has never broke down, very few paper jams and prints as if a photo shop had done the work.  I am always taking photographs of the dogs I train, and then print them out on Kodac quality photo paper.  There is never a second attempt, the first set up and print comes out very professionally done!  Once I have completed a dogs training, I give the owner one of my prints of their pet and feel quite proud that I accomplished such a nice 'thank you' gift using my HP printer.  What you see on the preview project before printing is exactly what you see after the printer has done its wonders.  I would recomment this printer to my family and friends without hesitation.  Now I am looking forward to my 60th Birthday as I would really like to get a "photo quality' HP printer to be used only for my photos of dogs, grandkids and even photo Christmas cards!

San Jose, CA


HP Deskjet 842c InkJet Printer

4.7 3