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HP Deskjet 5150 InkJet Printer

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HP Printers, last and last


I bought this printer about 7 years ago at a local office supply store.  My printing needs are pretty basic; as long as it prints in color, I'm good.  I bought this particular printer because it was fairly inexpensive and it had the features I needed at the moment.  Almost 7 years later, and about 4 house moves (including one from one state to another), this printer is still in perfect condition, still very useful and in no need to be replaced.  It's amazing to me how long it has lasted considering the many times it has been moved from one place to another.  I print all kinds of things including, home made business cards, flyers, geeting cards, and even photos.  This printer is great to have in your home or office, because it's affordable, easy to use, and long lasting.  The only downside I see of the HP brand is that the inks are sometimes only a bit cheaper than the printer itself.  What I usually do is either, go somewhere to refill the cartridges, or buy a generic brand. 

San Juan, PR


HP Deskjet 5150 InkJet Printer

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