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HP DeskJet 932c InkJet Printer

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The DeskJet 932c is an amazing and resilient


I've owned this printer for so many years I can't even count now! This printer was made by Hewlett Packard from back when they actually cared about quality, and it shows. It had stood the test of time; granted, it's not the fastest printer in the world, nor does it have all the fancy features of newer printers, but it prints good quality prints and pictures and does them well and does them reliably. Even better, it was made before HP started locking down individual printer models to different operating systems, so it's supported on just about any computer you can imagine! The single biggest drawback, like with any HP printer, is the ink cartridge replacement; third-party cartridges are hit-and-miss, and the first-party cartridges are expensive unless you happen to find a good deal somewhere. However, as long as you find a good deal on the cartridges and stock up on them, this is an excellent home and home-office printer!

Brighton, CO


The HP DeskJet 932C is the best printer I have ever had.


The DeskJet 932C is indeed the best printer I have every had. Our son went through numerous  other printers before we purchased this one. We have now had it for 11 years and it is like the Energizer Bunny: It keeps  going and going and going. I would highly recommend this printer to anyone who needs basic black and white and color printing for everyday use. The tray is easy to load. I have seldom if ever had to stop and correct a paper jam. Other printers I have used both at work and home have always seemed to have had this problem. This printer has been excellent for school work as well as work we have taken home to do. It is easy to install onto our desktop and is much more compact than numerous other printers that are currently on the market. This printer has saved us money many times over by the fact that we have not had to purchase a new printer every couple of years. It comes with my highest recommendation.  

Winston Salem, NC


The Hewlett Packard 932C desk jet is reliable and durable.


The Hewlett Packard 932 C is a good choice for everyday color printing.  The quality is not professional photo grade, but it's good enough for day to day use.  It is fairly small in size, so it won't take up too much space on your desk.  The Hewlett Packard 932 C printer is very durable, and will last for several years as long as it's not abused.  I haven't had any problems with mine, and my family has used it regularly for several years.  It is very easy to disconnect and reconnect to my personal computer, and I've had to pack it up and move it several times over the years.  All that I've ever had to do is plug it back into the console, and it's always worked great.  One word of caution:  the ink cartridges can be refilled by the user, but this is tricky to do, and can be messy if you don't know what your're doing.  Also, most of time I have my 932 C printer settings at the 'draft' level, which will save on ink.  If I'm printing something special, I'll use the regular settings, which provide higher quality, but use much more ink.

Shingle Springs, CA


HP DeskJet 932c InkJet Printer

4.7 3