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Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer

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I love Guerlain Terrcaotta Bronzer !


Guerlin Terracotta Bronzer is one of the best bronzers that are on the market right now . It is in several beauty magazines saying it is top rated . I love this bronzer because it has a very natural appearance to it and it doesn't make you look orangey like a lot of other bronzers tend to do . I highly recommend this product to all women who want a natural glow . This bronzer is very easy to blend and match with other colors . I have used it for a while now and don't plan on using anything other than this . The price is a little more expensive than other facial bronzers but I would definitely say that it is worth every single penny that you will pay . It also lasts a lot longer because you don't need to use a whole lot at a time and it lasts for a while . I have told all of my friends about this makeup and have vry positive feedback from them trying it . So I would say go out and buy one and try it out to see if you like it !

Wooster, OH


One of the best bronzers


This is one of the best bronzers I have tried, and I have tried quite a few. From department store brands, to higher end brands, a lot of bronzers I've tried in the past usually made my skin look orange, fake or were really noticeable. This bronzer is really great because it's very sheer and build able. In fact, it was somewhat unnoticeable when I first tried it, I could barely see it. All I saw was slight shimmer and my face looked like it was glowing. Not to mention, I love the smell of this stuff. This stuff is expensive, but well worth the cost. This bronzer will probably last for quite a long time. Another thing to note is that this bronzer is not really meant for conturing due to all the pink and gold shimmer that comes with it. I just use it to highlight my cheekbone and some of the area above my forehead. I am somewhat pale so it gives color to my face and just makes my skin look bright and rosy. 

San Jose, CA


Guerlain bronzer is the one for me!


Guerlain Paris Terracotta Bronzing Powder is the best bronzer i ever had...I am glad that i decided to purchase this product, i have no regrets at all...Although i have a fairly tan Asian skin & brunette, I chose to try the light Blondes 01, it works very well for my complexion...I love the natural sheer tan color it gives to my face, and it never cakes, it feels & looks good all day long. It makes your face looking sun-kissed and flawless!! It is very good on the skin, doesn't irritate and never caused break outs on me. It comes in a nice compact with five different shades so you can actually play with the color effect you want for your skin tone. There is also the Brunettes 02 if you want a darker effect. Compared to other bronzers i bought before, this one is a bit expensive but i'd say you'll get your money's worth..much, much better than having to change bronzers every time because you can't get the results you want!! 

The Villages, FL


Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer

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