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Bronzer / Highlighter
DuWop Bronzerush August

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Great color


DuWop products are always products of quality, and you will most definitely not regret buying this DuWop Bronzerush August bronzer.  It is simply amazing! I was buying new makeup because I had to go to a dinner in a week, and at the last minute I decided to go with this bronzer. Best decision I ever made! It really makes me face transform from drab to looking alive and sun kissed.  The DuWop Bronzerush August bronzer has a great tone to it, and looks amazing on my skin.  We've all seen girls who put on 'bronzer' and look really unnatural - well do not be afraid of looking like them! This bronzer looks super natural and great.  I really cannot stress how amazing it looks on me after I apply it!  And the greatest thing is that you really get what you pay for.  The product is very high quality, and the DuWop Bronzerush August comes with enough powder to last you a really long time.  Even if you are not a big fan of bronzers, you should definitely give this a try!

Bronx, NY


my skin come alive!


good value, excellent complimentary set!, quickly revives any skin tone, no other makeup ncessary, a healthy glow and lip color is the foundation for, all other makeup is a choice.I absolutely luv this bronzer/blush duo. it is perfect for fair skin. The bronzer gives a natural glow and the blush complements it perfectly. The best part is, it lasts all day. I'm in love!  this is a great way to get started. You can gradually build color and since the blush comes with the bronzer, you know it's going to work. My regular blushes are pinky, plummy and don't really enhance the glow of the bronzer. This blush may seem bright, but it works well with the bronzer to give that sunkissed look.  Adds instant radiance to your complexion! I was so impressed how easily, and smoothly it applied. A few quick strokes with a blush brush and you're ready to go! The added lip color is the perfect shade to complete your healthy glow!

Schenectady, NY


DuWop Bronzerush August

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