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Guardian Life

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A 2 1/2 month wait for short term disability payments


No sitting, standing, or walking for 10 minutes x 6+ months was the recommendation by the VA. After 2 months of non-conflicting physician signatures, Guardian still needs to consult their fax machine. May their customer service representatives reap exactly what they sow when illness or an accident keeps them at home.

indianapolis, indiana


short term disability


i have guardian life short term disability through my employer. i had back surgery they sent me two checks and then they wanted pre exsisting letters from all my doctors in which i only have had four. weeks and weeks went by and they keep telling me 8 more days. so i called my doctors and asked if they recieved my faxes from guardian and they said no.so i called guardian and aked to refax them. some still didnt recieve them. so i was on the phone for two and a half weeks now. and still cant get this stuff straightened out. they dont help you at all.still waiting to get a compitent answer out of them. and i am still trying to figure this stuff out for them. so if you go on disability from guardian life have some money saved up because they dont care to pay you your disability that you pay them for.

Taylor, MI


A solid company with 2 rating increases in this financial mess


I bought life and disability insurance through Guardian to protect myself and my family.  They are the only financial company that I can think ot that has actually gotten 2 rating increases during this economic turmoil.  It is a strong company and I wouldn't think of having my life insurance with a company that was not a mutual company, especially not that I see what can happen to insurance companies owned by their stockholders.  Life insurance is meant to be around for after you are gone.  I do not want to outlive the company I insure with.  They announced their highest dividend in the company's history (over 130 years) while other companies were shutting down.  That gives me peace of mind, so I can think about other things instead.  The premiums were competitive and the products high quality, with many options so I could customize for my needs today and have the flexibility for tomorrow.  The disability insurance is great for young professionals.

Natick, MA


Guardian Life

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