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Garden Weasel WEED POPPER

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a godsend to remove dandelions


When I first moved into my house my backyard looked like a dandelion nursery. I wanted a way to remove the dandelions along with their tap roots (otherwise the dandelion plant would simply grow back again). I bought a Garden Weasel Weed Popper and LOVE it. My kids even enjoy going out into the yard looking for dandelions so they can pop them up and make them fly. I have had my weed popper for 4-1/2 years now and it is still in great shape. It has hardened steel tines and is self-cleaning (you step on a steel plate and the weeds that are stuck in the tines are removed).

Austin, TX


Love my 2 Weasel Weed Poppers


I bought one of these weed poppers about a year ago fromAce Hardware. Boy what a great tool for removing many weed types from your yard. I have a 2.3 acre lot and I had thousnds of dadilions especially in my backyard. I had tried to kill them with a weed killer but this did not work for me. I killed to much grass. The wed popper really works well. It took me weeks a little at time to get rid of thousands of the dadilions but it was not that hard to do. Now i really have to look hard to find any dandilions. I also use the weed popper to remove a lot of other weeds. What a great design. You jus push the spikes at the base of the weed root and push it with your foot and step on the spring loaded foot plate and push down and the wed goes flying. You can move really fast tto the next weed. In a short time you can pop out hundreds of weeds. I loved the weed popper dso much i bought another for my wife who helped me with popping weeds.

West Columbia, SC


Garden Weasel is easy to use and makes outdoor work faster and m


I had a lot of ground to turn over when I put in a garden and planted sod at a house I was renting one spring.  I love gardening and don't mind hard work, but a plain old hoe wasn't going to cut it for such a big job.  So I bought the Garden Weasel Cultivator, hoping to make my life easier.  Score!  Just grip the handles, jam the prongs into the ground with a reasonable bit of force, and twist.  You can soften up the hard earth and add in compost or fertilizer easily.  I'm short and not particularly strong, but Garden Weasel let me do twice the work in half the time.  The only reason I didn't give the product five stars is because I wish the rubber grips were softer and easier to hold while wearing gardening gloves.  Solution--thicker, coarser gloves.  Still, Garden Weasel is a great product all around.  The soil in Colorado can be awfully unforgiving, but I had the hard ground ready for planting in just a few weeks with Garden Weasel.

Brighton, CO


Garden Weasel WEED POPPER

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