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Fujifilm - Finepix S2700 HD

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A all around great camera


I love this camera! It has great features such as a zooming lens, on screen cropping, black and white, sepia, panoramic, night, movement, and many others! It also has options to adjust the shutter speed which will reduce the typical digital camera lag (when you actually take a picture). It also has auto focus and face recognition which are nice features. I gave four stars because sometimes no matter how many adjustments and settings I change the picture still has a redish hue, not always just once and awhile -this seems to resolve if I turn the camera off and on again,

Daggett, MI


If only it would take great pictures every time


I purchased the Fujifilm Finepix S2700 about a month ago after I used my sisters and loved the great pictures it took.  My mom has the same camera but an older version and my brother has the previous version to my mom's, so we basically have 4 generations of this camera :)  I was in the market for a new camera since mine got ruined by water and it would cost too much to fix it.  I wanted something that wasn't a pocket camera, I wanted something with great quality, high megapixels, a larger LCD screen, would take video and also had the view finder, this camera had it all, as well as a great price tag!  The only thing I didn't like about this camera is it took regular batteries, not a rechargeable battery pack...but I purchased rechargeable batteries and always keep an extra set in my camera case, so that solved the issue.   I was thrilled to take my camera out of the box and start using it.  I love how lightweight it is and it fits so nicely in my hands. It has a 12.2 megapixl and 18x optical zoom.  I was disappointed with the manual, it's a basic how to manual for the two auto mode settings, if you want to know how to use the other settings you have to use the disc that comes with the camera and read the manual on the computer, I would rather have a book that I can take with me if I need to reference something.  The camera take really good pictures but I feel as though I only get one good picture out of every 3-4 I take, I only use the auto mode. The zoom is amazing, I love how close up I can get, I took a picture of a praying mantis and I could see every little hair on its lets.  The dual image stabilization is great, I love the large 3" LCD screen and the video takes great HD video, however, if you zoom while using the video mode it sounds loud on the videos, that's a feature that I would like to see improved.  Overall, it's a great camera for the price, I guess I have to take the time to figure out the manual settings in hopes that I get really good pictures every time.

Lawndale, CA


Fujifilm - Finepix S2700 HD

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